Secret Nature Premium Indoor CBD Flower Review

Three Secret Nature Secret OG hemp flower nugs standing on the lid of the eighth container.

Buying hemp flower can be tough. On top of wanting to get a good, and enjoyable product to reap all the hemp flower benefits, you also want to make sure you’re getting a good price, and that you trust the company that you’re buying from. 

Frequent smokers can be picky about their flower, which makes it tougher. And for first time users, the entire buying process can be intimidating. 

Secret Nature works hard to provide a multitude of hemp flower strain options, a range in prices, and transparency throughout the vender/consumer relationship. 

Essentially, they are here to bring you both quality hemp, and a positive experience. 

Secret Nature Company Overview

Founded in 2017 by a group of legacy cannabis operators and holistic health practitioners, Secret Nature aims to provide people with a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the CBD industry.

Their goal has been to approach the CBD flower and extract market the same way they approached the THC market in California: by producing the highest quality, small-batch, consistent products, and experiences. Only this time, they can ship it straight to your door.

The team at Secret Nature has a combined over 40 years of experience in the cannabis industry and has fought for its legalization long before it was socially acceptable.

They possess a passion for organic cultivation, extraction, and product development, and strive to provide the most unique and effective menu possible, for all your hemp flower needs.

In this article, we’ll give you a full breakdown of our experience with Secret Nature Hemp Flower and whether you should give it a try.

Secret Nature Indoor CBD Flower at a Glance

Secret Nature Hemp Flower is available in 1/8’s, 1/4’s, 1/2’s, and full ounce hermetically sealed containers with a number of unique strains that are always changing.

The product features a sleek black and gold, premium design that provides a “top-shelf” feel the second you open the box.

The container itself blocks all UV light and provides an airtight seal, ensuring that it tastes and smells just as good as it did the day it was harvested.

When opened, you’re immediately hit with a potent hemp/cannabis aroma that will put a smile on any connaisseur’s face.

The nugs are beautifully manicured, perfectly structured, and absolutely covered in trichomes and fiery orange hairs. Below are photos of the Secret OG strain that I ordered for this review to give you a better visual of the quality.

I’ve lived in California for 6 years now, been to multiple cannabis cups, had access to some of the best flower in the world, and Secret Nature is the only company that I’ve come across that’s been able to produce CBD hemp flower to the same standards.

If I put an eighth of their hemp flower next to an eighth of top shelf marijuana from a dispensary out here, even an industry expert with a trained eye wouldn’t know the difference. My hat goes off to the entire Secret Nature crew because they’ve accomplished something that the rest of the industry has been struggling with for years.

Secret Nature Indoor CBD Flower Quality

According to the Secret Nature website, all their flowers are grown indoors using 100% organic methods to maximize potency and guarantee that there are no pesticides, additives, or other unwanted chemicals.

To ensure accurate, unbiased lab results, Secret Nature uses a third-party analytical testing service called SC Labs.

Once harvested each bud is hand trimmed to perfection to provide the premium look that every smoker will appreciate.

The thing that stood out the most in my opinion is the consistency in quality. No matter what strain I picked, every time I’ve ordered, the quality has always been to the highest standards which is rare, yet vital, when it comes to purchasing flower.

When hundreds of customers agree that the quality of the hemp is excellent and consistent on a product line, that’s a better endorsement than thousands of lines any marketing team could ever achieve.

Customers across the country are enjoying hemp flower benefits, and are incredibly impressed with Secret Nature hemp flower. Simply read the reviews and see for yourself.

Secret Nature Indoor CBD Flower Smoke Profile

Secret Nature has a massive menu that is always rotating in and out new unique hemp flower strains that aren’t available anywhere else. Over the years they’ve created their own genetics which ensures that they stay differentiated from the competition and allows us to never get bored with the selection.

Each strain has a specific flavor and aroma but the one thing they all have in common is that top shelf taste and smell that can only be understood if you’ve smoked premium cannabis before. The second you lite up, your immediately hit with that gasy, delicious smell of the terpenes burning that will catch the attention of anyone in the area.

The most notable attribute of their flower is how smooth and enjoyable it is regardless of your preferred smoking method. I’ve smoked joints, bongs, bowls, blunts, and vaporizers with various strains and it is never harsh or rough on the throat/lungs. 

Secret Nature Indoor CBD Flower Price vs Value

Secret Nature produces some of the highest quality hemp flower available on the market and sells out of each batch in mere weeks. 

When you take this into account it becomes apparent that they could charge substantially more for the same products and not lose a single sale. 

Thankfully for us, this isn’t the case. Although their flower is on the pricier end when compared to competitors, it’s worth every penny. Get the most out of your hemp flower benefits, check out what Secret Nature has to offer:

1/8oz = 3.5grams

$30 – $40

1/4oz = 7grams 

$55 – $75 

1/2oz = 14grams

$105 – $145

1oz = 28grams

$205 – $225

Secret Nature Company Reputation

Secret Nature launched in 2017, so it’s still a relatively new brand in the industry. Regardless, in a little over four years, they’ve racked up over 10,000 positive reviews across their product line!

The feedback on their website from previous customers is almost all positive (I wrote a positive review myself). It’s hard to find anything negative to say about this company.

From product quality to customer service, Secret Nature has established itself as a trustworthy brand in this overcrowded, unregulated market. If you’re looking for CBD smokables, there really is no point in looking anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been spoiled for the past six years while living in California and having access to some of the world’s best cannabis. 

It has made me rather picky when it comes to smoking any kind of flower, which is understandable if you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting the golden state. 

Ever since 2014 when the farm bill was passed and CBD flower became legal on the federal level, I’ve been searching for a company that can replicate the quality that I’ve grown accustomed to in the medical marijuana market.

To this date, Secret Nature is the only brand that has cracked the code and achieved this goal. I can honestly say that Secret Nature has blown me away and gained a lifelong customer. 

Once you give them a shot you’ll never order from anywhere else.

Thank you for reading our Secret Nature hemp flower review! I hope that learning about our experience has provided you with the knowledge you need to make a more informed purchase.

If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Because the CBD industry is so saturated with misinformation, and sometimes, untrustworthy products, we took the time to compile a database of all the best CBD products on the market. You can access it for free here.

Secret Nature Indoor CBD Flower


Score 5/5

Review Breakdown



✔️Unique CBD Rich Strains

✔️100% Organic, No Pesticides, No Additives

✔️Premium Dispensary Grade – Grown Indoors

✔️Hand Trimmed to Perfection

✔️Reasonably Priced

✖️Popular Strains Sell Out Quickly Due to High Demand



Price vs Value


Company Reputation

Closeup of a Secret Nature blood diamond bud.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Hemp Flower Benefits?

Because of its increased normalization, hemp flower benefits are much easier to see, and acknowledge across the board. Here are three benefits of smoking hemp flower:

  1. Get the sensation without the hallucination. Whether you prefer something uplifting, something relaxing, or a mix of both, hemp flower will get you there without any psychoactive effects, namely, it won’t get you high.
  2. Smoking hemp flower relieves pain, and is a common alternative for cigarette smokers.
  3. It’s legal and easy to buy.

What Is Artisan CBD?

If you visit the Secret Nature website, you might see the phrase “artisan CBD.” For those that are new to CBD and hemp flower purchases, “artisan CBD” typically means that the product is made in a non-manufactured way, insinuating those creating the product have extensive skill, and high levels of care within their work. This type of company is highly specialized, and makes each product by hand.

In this case, artisan CBD is highly recommended for those looking to invest in a quality product, and in turn, will be rewarded with all the hemp flower benefits possible — and at the very least, will experience a personal customer service experience. 

What Are The Available Flowers?

Secret Nature offers 16 different hemp flower strains, starting at $30 for 3.5 Grams (1/8oz). Each strain also features a small blurb explaining what the product is, and how it will typically make you feel. Additionally, Secret Nature provides information for the CBD percentage, and details about the way it was grown. The hemp flower strains include a multitude of indica, hybrid, and sativa options to choose from. 

How Does Secret Nature Grow Their Product?

Secret Nature’s lab is based in California where they grow their flower organically and indoors in an environmentally controlled area in order to ensure the best quality product possible. They also harvest the flower in low light, and manicure it by hand to preserve all the fragile features that make their hemp flower stand out.

Does Secret Nature Offer Any Discounts?

The worth of good hemp flower can be subjective. Though market prices are generally around the same cost, the under-regulation of hemp products makes it difficult to stabilize a standard price point. Secret Nature prides themselves on giving you the highest quality of hemp flower, with a spectacular track record for customer satisfaction. That said, if you’re looking to save a little more money, new users can get 15% off your first purchase with Secret Nature.

Can They Ship Outside of California?

Secret Nature can ship to anywhere in the United States via USPS. They also allow for refunds, exchanges, returns, and order cancellations, so long as the customer seeking these services is doing so within company guidelines. 

Not only can Secret Nature ship outside of the state of California, they can also ship internationally in just 7-10 days so long as the country at hand allows. For more questions regarding international shipping, email Secret Nature for customer service quality assurance. 

Why is Secret Nature CBD So Expensive?

To put it simply, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to CBD flower. 

Growing and selling CBD flower is a months-long process that requires lots of time, money, and knowledge. As a result, sellers like Secret Nature must hire skilled employees and invest in the proper technology and safety tools to create sellable products.

More skilled employees, resources, and a large enough workforce means that keeping a company afloat comes with a price. Writing paychecks, paying the bills, and purchasing necessary supplies are also expenses to account for.

In order to turn a profit, therefore, companies must charge more for their products. 

Sellers that produce high-quality flower must charge more to keep themselves afloat – not because they’re greedy, but because it truly costs more to make great products in this industry.

Josh Murdoch

Josh Murdoch

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and although it is incurable, CBD and THC have been allowing me to live my life as a healthy adult now for years. For that reason, I’ve dedicated my career to spreading the good news about cannabinoids. Currently, I work for a vertically integrated cannabis company called Unrivaled Brands that operates in California, Oregon, and Nevada. Previously, I worked on two cannabis farms in northern California, one of which was located in the famous Humboldt County. I’ve also managed a medical cannabis delivery service in Marin County, California. I created CBD Facilitator to share what I’ve learned, and to recommend the best products that I have found in this chaotic market.

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Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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Our Mission

Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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Our Favorite Brands

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