What is CBD Hemp Flower Good For? – Benefits, Uses, & More

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CBD hemp flower is one of the most popular CBD products on the market. It is typically inhaled via smoking or vaping. But what sets it apart from other options?

CBD hemp flower is great for pain and anxiety management, promoting relaxation, and helping the body function as well as it can. Because it’s so fast-acting and easy to use, it’s one of the best options for those just starting out or looking to add CBD into their daily routine.

With a better understanding of what CBD flower is, how it works, and how it can benefit you under your belt, you’ll be much better suited to choose products that are the best for you. CBD flower is also a fairly cost-friendly option, making it a regular favorite among seasoned CBD users and patients. But there are certainly many factors to consider when making a selection.

What does CBD hemp flower do for you?

CBD flower works to benefit its user in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to) creating a sense of tranquility, tackling inflammation and pain in the body, and making it easier to sleep at night.

One of the main perks of CBD hemp flower is how quickly it can begin to impact the body. Because the primary method of consumption for this type of product is inhalation (vaping or smoking), users generally feel its effects fast and for at least a few hours.

If you’re interested in using CBD (or are already a regular user!), being aware of all that your hemp flower has to offer means that you’ll be able to better recognize how CBD uniquely affects you. 

Let’s break down some of the most prominent, widely-experienced benefits you can expect from your CBD flower.

Promotes Feelings of Relaxation

One of the most commonly touted pro’s of CBD in general is its ability to make those who consume it feel relaxed or even sleepy. 

This feeling may not be so intense that you consistently notice it – instead, it might feel like a more subtle shift from the anxiety and stress we often deal with on a regular basis to a more peaceful, less chaotic mental state.

You might also feel physically relaxed as well (i.e. less muscle tension, less pain and discomfort throughout your body, etc.). 

Even something as simple as a more clear headspace can make it much easier to let go of the stresses of a long day, process emotions, and take care of yourself.

Soothes Anxiety and Lowers Stress Levels

As mentioned above, CBD hemp flower’s ability to make us feel less stressed is well-known. This extends beyond simple everyday stress, though, to legitimate symptoms of chronic anxiety.

Though CBD may not be enough on its own to properly treat chronic anxiety or anxiety disorders, it can certainly help a great deal. 

CBD flower can be especially beneficial for this purpose because it can be consumed easily and quickly, and its effects won’t take long to kick in.

Aside from promoting relaxation, CBD can also help tackle insomnia, feeling tense, or struggling to distract your mind from anxiety-inducing thoughts, all of which might help lower anxiety levels over time.

Sometimes, the simple routine of consuming quality products is enough to make you feel more at peace.

Women standing in a crowd holding her face with both hands having an anxiety attack.

Eases Pain and Inflammation

CBD flower and other products all work to target inflammation in the body, a common source of chronic pain or discomfort.

In fact, one of the most common reasons patients use cannabis products as medication is because of its unique ability to manage inflammation while causing minimal side effects.

Cannabinoids in your product, including CBD, interact with a part of the body known as the endocannabinoid system. This nuanced system extends throughout various parts of the body, including the central nervous system.

When CBD is consumed, it quickly enters the body and begins to bind with this system, causing the effects that we all associate with it. When inflammation is present in the body, CBD and other cannabinoids can work to influence the central nervous system and reduce sensations of pain and irritation.

This reality makes CBD a great part of a treatment plan for a variety of chronic pain conditions, including arthritis, muscle injuries, headaches, and more.

As mentioned, CBD, including CBD flower, is relatively unlikely to cause any adverse side effects. Even when it does, they tend to be easily identifiable (nausea, drowsiness, or headaches) and mild.

Unlike other medications commonly used to treat chronic pain, CBD can easily be inserted or removed from your routine, and it’s not likely to significantly impact you in a negative way.

Aids the Body in Reaching Homeostasis

A less frequently advertised benefit of CBD flower is its ability to help the body reach and maintain homeostasis.

CBD and other cannabinoids achieve this task by helping the body store and intake energy. They can also help decrease the expenditure of energy, or help the body use less energy to complete tasks than it might otherwise. 

The endocannabinoid system, which is what cannabinoids interact with in the body, is responsible for a wide variety of bodily processes, including metabolism, nervous system responses, and more. 

CBD has the unique ability to work directly with the endocannabinoid system and impact the way the body functions. This is part of the reason that regularly consuming CBD tends to make so many people feel better; it’s quite literally helping your body do its job!

What are the benefits of smoking CBD?

The benefits of smoking CBD flower (or vaping it) are primarily how quickly the effects set in as well as the type of experience it tends to produce.

If you’re new to CBD use or are considering switching to CBD flower, it helps to be fully aware of what to expect.

Benefits of Smoking vs. Other Methods

  1. High bioavailability. Bioavailability describes CBD’s ability to be absorbed into the body. Some types of products, like CBD oil, have a lower bioavailability than CBD flower, meaning that it might take much longer to feel the effects of your product. Smoking CBD flower releases a much higher amount of CBD into the body at a faster rate, so you may feel like you need to use less or smoke less frequently than other consumption methods.

  2. Fast onset time. As discussed, smoking and vaping are perhaps the fastest way to feel the effects of your CBD products. Once inhaled, cannabinoids quickly enter the bloodstream and begin to work throughout the body. Because it doesn’t have to be broken down by the stomach or absorbed into the skin, CBD flower can make you feel better within two to five minutes.

  3. A true full-spectrum entourage effect. Unlike CBD isolate products, which remove other cannabinoids found in the plant that they come from, CBD flower is the most “complete” cannabis product you can access. Because other cannabinoids and terpenes are still present in hemp flower, and at times trace amounts of THC, it can produce stronger, longer-lasting results thanks to the entourage effect. The entourage effect suggests that combining multiple parts of the cannabis plant creates a more well-rounded and truly beneficial experience.

What are hemp flowers used for?

The primary use for hemp flower is smoking or vaping. 

Hemp flower can be used in many of the same ways other forms of cannabis can be, but there’s little reason to use it in any way other than inhaling it – after all, one of the main perks of flower is how quickly it can produce results.

Is CBD hemp flower safe?

CBD hemp flower is relatively safe in and of itself. What can be irritating or potentially problematic is the practice of smoking.

CBD flower is unlikely to produce negative side effects, though it’s not impossible. Take note of any side effects you notice after use, like irritability or fatigue, but rest assured that serious complications generally aren’t something you have to worry about.

Is smoking hemp bad for your health?

Smoking hemp isn’t any more harmful than other types of smoking, but exclusively smoking a heavy amount for a long period of time can cause some unpleasant consequences.

Smoke of any kind can irritate and damage the lungs, especially if you’re inhaling it on a daily basis.

Those with pre-existing respiratory conditions (like asthma or COPD) might find smoking especially bothersome. 

Smoking frequently can cause symptoms like frequent coughing and wheezing, so it’s important to be mindful of them if they do arise. 

Vaping your CBD is a great solution; it allows you to still inhale your product without the potential side effects that tend to accompany smoking.

When in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to consult your doctor or another health professional to evaluate your unique situation.

Takeaway: Hemp Flower is a Fast-Acting, Versatile Option

Hemp flower is good for too many things to really list in a single article – from anxiety to pain relief, CBD hemp flower can really do it all! To summarize, here are the things that CBD hemp flower can do for you:

One thing to keep in mind about hemp flower specifically is just how quickly it can impact the body; this phenomenon is largely unmatched by most other product types on the market.

When it comes to purchasing hemp flower, choosing only the best, top-shelf options from reputable sellers is always the way to go to curate the best experience possible. Be sure to check out our directory for amazing products to get you started.

Josh Murdoch

Josh Murdoch

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and although it is incurable, CBD and THC have been allowing me to live my life as a healthy adult now for years. For that reason, I’ve dedicated my career to spreading the good news about cannabinoids. Currently, I work for a vertically integrated cannabis company called Unrivaled Brands that operates in California, Oregon, and Nevada. Previously, I worked on two cannabis farms in northern California, one of which was located in the famous Humboldt County. I’ve also managed a medical cannabis delivery service in Marin County, California. I created CBD Facilitator to share what I’ve learned, and to recommend the best products that I have found in this chaotic market.

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Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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Our Mission

Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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