Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower Review

Blue glass eighth jar full of Plain Jane hemp flower with a nug standing upright leaning on it.

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Plain Jane is one of the most well-known and highly praised CBD brands out there, but do its products, specifically its flower, really live up to all the hype?

Plain Jane is a great option for most CBD users, particularly those who’d like to access higher-quality choices without breaking the bank. Competitive pricing, sustainable farming, and a distinct presence on social media, among other things, distinguish Plain Jane as a modern and evolving brand.

Being an informed consumer is always important when shopping for CBD. Let’s take a deeper dive into just what makes these products so unique, what to look out for when making a purchase, and how to decide which flower option is best for you.

Plain Jane Company Overview

Few companies understand the importance of high-quality, yet still affordable and accessible, CBD products like Plain Jane. Based in Southern Oregon, Plain Jane works diligently to produce only the best and most effectively curated CBD products on the U.S. market.

All of the flower Plain Jane sells and utilizes comes from small, family-owned farms across the nation, though most of it is sourced right in the area. The brand offers over 20 unique strains to choose from, including options grown indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses.

What makes Plain Jane stand apart from its competitors is not just its commitment to quality and innovation, but its dedication to sustainable growing and manufacturing processes.

Plain Jane is the place to go if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind CBD products, including powerful and flavorful hemp flower.

Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower at a Glance

One of the first things you’ll notice about Plain Jane’s hemp flower upon purchase is the packaging your product comes in. 

Plain Jane’s hemp comes in a neat, small container that’s packaged within a box containing relevant product information.

The exterior of the product’s packaging contains necessary legal information, including a QR code that links to lab information for your product. 

This information, often referred to as a certificate of analysis, breaks down just how much CBD is in your flower, among other things, and is important for both personal and legal protection.

Upon opening up your package, you’ll find dense, colorful buds that may give off a variety of fragrant odors, depending on the strain you choose.

Plain Jane offers a wide range of indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse varieties of their CBD flower, and all of these options are available in quantities ranging from 3.5 grams, as pictured above, all the way up to a pound (454 grams), depending on strain.

For this review, we ordered and took a look at an 8th of Berry Blossom as well as a four gram flower sampler pack of Golden Cherry, Hawaiian Haze, Kush, and Berry Blossom.

The sampler pack that contains Berry Blossom was our choice; this way, we were able to directly compare the quality of the sampler gram of the flower with the 8th. After doing so, we’ve found a clear difference.

The buds in the 8th we looked at were much fresher and higher in quality, whereas the sampler flower was drier and appeared to be older. So, if you’re looking to get the absolute best product you can with your money, it’s likely best to opt for a single strain at a time.

Though the sampler pack we looked at may have had slightly less than ideal flower within, they aren’t necessarily a bad purchase. These sampler packs are a really unique approach to discovering which strains work best for you, making them great for new users.

Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower Quality

As we’ve discussed, Plain Jane offers indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse CBD  hemp flower varieties to choose from. Typically, the quality of the flower you choose will be dictated by how it was grown. 

Indoor – Flower that’s grown indoors is usually the best in terms of quality. This is because indoor growing conditions eliminate the risk of flower damage or deterioration as a result of exposure to the elements and natural changes in environment (temperature, humidity, etc.).

Greenhouse – Greenhouse CBD flower varieties usually fall somewhere in the middle. They’re relatively safe from most things that risk a loss in quality (exposure to pests, storms, etc.), but without the level of precision that indoor growing environments can curate, flower is still vulnerable to some damage.

Outdoor – Outdoor-grown flower, though it may seem like the most “natural” option, is often of the lowest quality for the reasons discussed above.

Regardless of which type of flower you choose to purchase, you can rest assured that Plain Jane has done their due diligence to ensure it’s the best it can be. 

All of the brand’s flower is sent to a third-party testing service called Kaycha Labs to verify purity and overall quality. 

The Berry Blossom 8th that we ordered and looked at in this review was labeled as indoor flower, and it shows. The nugs are covered in trichomes, the odor is pungent, and the buds are fresh when cracked open.

The sampler pack, on the other hand, was of lower quality and appeared to be outdoor flower. Overall, the quality of this flower in particular isn’t what we would necessarily consider “top shelf,” but for the price, it’s still a great value overall. 

Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower Smoke Profile

The specifics of the smoke and flavor profile you can expect from Plain Jane’s flower depends on the strain you choose. Different levels of terpenes in individual strains produce unique aromas and tastes, so some experimentation is somewhat necessary.

The 8th of Berry Blossom we purchased had a nice fruity, earthy flavor, but unfortunately still lacked that top-shelf taste users can get with high-quality indoor flower. 

The smoke created by the bud, though, was smooth and didn’t cause any throat or chest irritation when smoked, making it an all-around enjoyable experience.

The sampler strains didn’t have as much flavor as the 8th and seemed more like outdoor flower; less unique elements and a more generalized scent make this assumption clear. 

All four strains had a piney,earthy flavor and tasted like your average lower-quality cannabis or hemp flower. After a few hits, there was a bit of throat irritation which is normal with outdoor flower, but we found that it was not intense enough to ruin the experience.

Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower Price vs Value

Giving you the most for your money is truly where Plain Jane thrives as a company. They offer a wide variety of CBD hemp flower strains at various price points so that just about anyone can find an option that works for them.

Plain Jane’s pricing is extremely competitive when compared to the rest of the industry; to make things even better, they offer huge discounts for larger purchases. If you’re a regular flower user, purchasing large amounts at once can save you significant amounts of money, especially with Plain Jane.

The company is also extremely thoughtful and creative in allowing consumers to control different variables that affect the price. Choosing to purchase flower that comes in basic packaging, for instance, can save many users money, but opting for glass packaging might be advantageous for others.

1/8oz = 3.5grams

$7 – $16

1/4oz = 7grams

$14 – $30

1/2oz = 14grams

$28 – $57

1oz = 28grams

$56 – $100

2oz = 56grams

$112 – $190

1LB = 454grams

$450 – $900

Plain Jane Company Reputation

Plain Jane is a top player when it comes to hemp flower and smokable CBD products, and it’s not hard to see why; between their sensible and consistent presence on social media and commitment to high-quality farming practices, the company has truly set itself apart from the rest.

Nearly every product offered racks in overwhelmingly glowing reviews that remark on both the quality of the product itself and the professionalism of the brand.

Plain Jane has over 75,000 customers across the nation, meaning they regularly service a sizable amount of consumers who trust them to deliver only the best products.

Likewise, the brand boasts over 130,000 followers on Instagram; users across the nation are excited to see what Plain Jane will launch next, and knowing that they’ve done the work to set themselves apart, it’s not hard to see why.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we found that, for the price , Plain Jane offers an unrivaled experience.

They have a unique menu to choose from with extremely competitive prices, and the quality of the flower you purchase will likely be better than average (depending on which type you choose).

Plain Jane’s products are ideal for the average CBD user who isn’t overly concerned about absolute perfection but also expects the product they purchase to be well worth the cost.

If you do decide to invest in a Plain Jane product, we recommend sticking with an indoor strain; you’re likely to receive a much higher-quality, yet still reasonably-priced, product.

Want to learn more about Plain Jane products or get acquainted with other reputable CBD sellers? Take a look at our directory, which is full of all the information you need to find what works for you.

Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower


Score 4.2/5

Review Breakdown



✔️Great Budget Friendly Option

✔️Massive Menu

✔️Indoor, Greenhouse, & Outdoor Varieties Available

✔️Substantial Discounts When Buying Bulk

✖️Quality Isn’t Dispensary Grade



Price vs Value


Company Reputation


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower Make You High?

No, Plain Jane’s CBD hemp flower won’t make you high. This is because the brand’s flower is derived from hemp, not marijuana, which contains only trace amounts of THC at most (0.3% or less), not enough to cause any sort of psychoactive high.

Is Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

Yes, CBD hemp flower (including options sold by Plain Jane) are legal, at least in the United States. Hemp was legalized federally by the 2018 Farm Bill, and CBD is not a controlled or illegal substance itself.

Is Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower Good?

Plain Jane’s CBD hemp flower is certainly a step above the rest, especially if you opt for an indoor flower strain. We’ve found that Plain Jane is one of the best sellers to turn to if you’re looking to get the most for your money, but everyone’s personal preferences are different.

Why Is Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower So Cheap?

Plain Jane is likely able to offer their products for such reasonable prices thanks to its growing and sourcing techniques. Because the brand works closely with small farms in the area (and has one of its own), the costs associated with growing, distributing, transporting, etc. flower can be reduced, making it easier for the brand to offer its products at a more reasonable price.

Josh Murdoch

Josh Murdoch

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and although it is incurable, CBD and THC have been allowing me to live my life as a healthy adult now for years. For that reason, I’ve dedicated my career to spreading the good news about cannabinoids. Currently, I work for a vertically integrated cannabis company called Unrivaled Brands that operates in California, Oregon, and Nevada. Previously, I worked on two cannabis farms in northern California, one of which was located in the famous Humboldt County. I’ve also managed a medical cannabis delivery service in Marin County, California. I created CBD Facilitator to share what I’ve learned, and to recommend the best products that I have found in this chaotic market.

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Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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Our Mission

Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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