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With CBD education as our primary goal, all articles included on our website have undergone rigorous fact-checking and editing processes to ensure their validity and comprehensiveness at time of publication.

In order to uphold our values and goals, we may edit or delete articles if they are no longer factually relevant.

In an industry flooded with misinformation, CBD Facilitator’s goal to act as a reliable source regarding CBD and its health benefits is all the more critical. This is why all articles published on our site must adhere to certain standards:

  • All of our content is 100% original, with no plagiarism or duplicate content.

  • Our reviews are unbiased and always strive to offer genuine opinions about all products based on years of working in the CBD and marijuana industry.

  • In our directory and in our reviews, we only recommend products that have been screened by us for quality based on our opinions and the opinions of other experts, and products that can show third-party lab testing certifications.

  • The information in our articles only come from sources that we consider reliable according to the following standards:
    • Peer-reviewed studies available on Google Scholar
    • Personal experience from working hands-on with CBD and marijuana flower study and distribution for nearly a decade
    • Brands that can demonstrate third-party lab tested certifications regarding their products

  • Our articles are concise and easy-to-read in order to disseminate accurate information about CBD to anyone with an internet connection.

  • When writing, we always consider our audience: inquiring minds about CBD who probably already have some background information about CBD and its usage.

  • We do not make definitive statements about anything that we cannot prove.

Whether we’re writing about CBD for humans or CBD for pets, the health of the consumer is always the utmost priority.

For any query regarding our editorial policy, please contact us at this email: info@cbdfacilitator.com

Siobhan Brier sitting down at a table on an outdoor balcony.
Siobhan Brier | Chief Editor of CBD Facilitator

Siobhan Brier is a freelance content writer for various websites. Along with her partner, she also operates a small content writing business that manages blogs and writes content in both English and Spanish. (For work, you can contact them here.) 

She studied English and theater at Penn State, and since graduating in 2017 has been traveling, mostly through Latin America, first as an English teacher then later as an online worker. 

She uses CBD primarily to treat migraine headaches and she loves mixing it with tasty recipes. 

She loves lifting weights in the morning, spending time in nature, dancing to Latin music, listening to and singing great tunes, reading novels, and skipping small talk to ask people personal questions that may make them uncomfortable at first (you’ll get used to it).

Siobhan is the author of a novel called Equator, loosely based on the year she spent living on the Galápagos Islands. 

You can find her portfolio here.

And her personal blog here.

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