Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Cigarettes

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Some might say that hemp cigarettes are the new joint, but just how true is this statement? Are CBD hemp cigarettes a legal, safe option for medicating?

Hemp cigarettes are made with CBD hemp flower and, as a result, are legal at the federal level in the United States. Hemp cigarettes are an easy and beneficial way to consume CBD; inhaling their smoke produces fast, strong effects that can relieve pain, anxiety, and more.

For many, smoking hemp cigarettes can be a great way to reap the many benefits of CBD while also enjoying the smoking experience. Still, smoking hemp can be problematic in some situations, and not everyone will find that cigarettes are the right product for them.

Before you start smoking, let’s go over what hemp cigarettes are and how they could be beneficial to you.

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

The main difference between hemp and marijuana is that marijuana contains higher levels of THC. Since hemp is almost free from THC, this means that it does not have the same psychoactive effects as marijuana. Hemp cigarettes can be enjoyed without the intoxicating experience of marijuana joints. 

Hemp flower is a variety of the cannabis plant and contains little to no THC. The hemp plant is quite fibrous and is often used to create industrial products like paper, rope, food, clothing, and housing material. 

Though often confused, hemp is not marijuana. While marijuana is also derived from a variety of the cannabis plant family, it is different from hemp. 

Like a morning cup of coffee or tobacco smoke break, hemp flower cigarettes have become a better option for smokers. Maintain your love for smoking without worrying about addiction. 

Hemp flower cigarettes show little to no signs of addiction. Though hemp has not been proven to be an addiction treatment, it is a much better alternative to nicotine tobacco smoking.

Replace Tobacco

The benefits of hemp cigarettes are so great, they have inspired some smokers to drop nicotine completely. 

Modern hemp cigarettes provide a calming, smoother, and more impactful smoking experience than tobacco. Not only is this smoking experience more enjoyable, but it also omits the addictive nature of nicotine.

Hemp is also a healthier smoke. Tobacco smoking goes straight to the lungs and encounters the effects of nicotine in the respiratory system. Hemp has no nicotine, no addictive chemicals, and it has no psychoactive effects

Now, consumers can savor a relaxing smoke, without stressing about the burdensome addiction that nicotine can create. Smoking hemp cigarettes has even been viewed as a new alternative to help taper off nicotine addiction.

A mans hand stamping out aa cigarette butt in an ashtray.

What are Hemp Flower Cigarettes?

Hemp cigarette smoking has been popularly enjoyed throughout history. As more people are discovering this ancient practice, there is a new upsurge in hemp smoking. 

The best kind of hemp cigarettes are hemp flower cigarettes. These cigarettes are made out of the flowering part or “buds” of the hemp plant. 

As you may already know, this is the prized component of the hemp plant because it holds the most cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds. 

When the hemp flowers are harvested they look like dried mossy nuggets. At this point, the flowers can be used to make smokable products. 

Hemp flower cigarettes are dried hemp flowers that are rolled in paper made strictly with buds and not low quality trim or biomass.

Benefits of Smoking Hemp Cigarettes

There are many reasons why hemp flower cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. 

Here are some of the top benefits of smoking hemp flower cigarettes:

  • Distance from nicotine. Addiction can be scary, expensive, and life threatening. The dangers of nicotine addiction are all over the media, television, advertisements, and even on the packaging of nicotine cigarettes themselves. These aggressive warnings are constantly in our faces, because they are correct. The wonderful perks of hemp flower smoking is that consumers can enjoy smoking without the stigma of addiction. Reject nicotine and give hemp a chance. 
  • Calming effects. Though hemp cigarettes do not contain the intoxicating characteristics of marijuana’s THC, it does offer calming effects. Enjoying hemp flower cigarettes gives users the relieving feeling they are looking for without the worry of inebriation. Consumers can smoke their hemp flower cigarettes while driving, working, partying, and beyond. 
  • Availability. Now, there are hemp cigarettes for sale in many places. Plenty of new and traditional hemp cigarette retailers are online as well. Hemp smoking is becoming more available than ever, especially as people are finding out more about the many perks to this new way of smoking. For this same reason, though, sometimes it’s difficult to determine what you can trust. Make sure you get your hemp from a reliable source. Here at CBD Facilitator, we’ve made a database of the most trustworthy products in the CBD world. You can access it for free here
  • Hemp is better than tobacco. Tobacco is known for the irritability it causes the lungs and respiratory system. From its connection to cancer to its threat to heart disease, people have become wary of tobacco use. Hemp has not been shown to cause any of these life threatening risks. Switching from tobacco to hemp is a healthy choice that your body will thank you for. 
  • Extensive variety. There are many creative ways users can enjoy hemp flower cigarettes. Some people choose to roll their own hemp cigarettes, while others prefer the pre-rolled cigarettes with a variety of wraps to pick from. Within all these forms, users can also select what kinds of hemp flower strains to smoke. This enormous span in variety is far beyond the options tobacco smokers can choose from.
  • Higher bioavailability. Bioavailability is defined as the rate the CBD in hemp enters the body. Depending on what kind of hemp flower strain is being smoked, consumers can control how fast and how much the CBD in their hemp flower cigarettes affects their body. Hemp flower cigarettes provide higher bioavailability than other kinds of CBD practices like oils and edibles. 
  • Great flavor. Since hemp flower cigarettes are made from the bud of the hemp plant, they contain a delicious and savory profile. This is a natural taste that is beautifully unique to hemp flower.
  • Legality. While marijuana is still illegal in some US states, CBD is federally legal, so it is legal to buy all over the country, and you don’t need to worry about failing a drug test because of it.
Redwood Reserve original CBD hemp flower cigarette box with five cigarettes laying in front.

Do hemp cigarettes help with pain?

If you choose a hemp cigarette that has high levels of CBD, it’s likely that they will indeed help manage pain. Not all hemp cigarettes contain high levels of CBD, so it’s crucial to keep this goal in mind when choosing a product.

Some hemp cigarettes, for instance, focus on providing higher levels of terpenes. Others may contain undesirable ingredients like delta-8 THC that can be dangerous or even illegal, so stick to CBD cigarettes.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties mean that it can interact with the immune system to lower inflammation in the body and, as a result, pain. Chronic pain is often related to increased levels of inflammation, so tackling this problem at its root provides long-lasting and genuine relief.

Hemp cigarettes allow CBD to enter the bloodstream rapidly, making them a great option for those looking to address pain quickly and frequently.

Are Hemp Cigarettes Legal?

Hemp cigarettes are legal in the United States at the federal level. Unfortunately, though hemp itself is legal for growth, consumption, and sale, some states take harsh stances against smokable hemp in particular, including hemp cigarettes.

Smokable hemp products” generally includes anything made from hemp flower or simply the flower itself. 

States against smokable hemp often claim that these products create unnecessary work for law enforcement officers because they’re indistinguishable from marijuana and, as a result, warrant police intervention for testing.

Stigma against smoking cannabis in general likely contributes to this attitude, too, especially since other forms of CBD and hemp products remain legal within these states.

The bottom line is this: unless you live in a state that has explicitly made attempts to outlaw smokable hemp, you shouldn’t run into legal trouble for purchasing or using hemp cigarettes. Their similarity to tobacco cigarettes make them a safer option for using in public, too.

States Where Smokable Hemp is Legal

As of 2021, smokable hemp is legal federally in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t faced its fair share of challenges.

Aside from the states listed below, each of which have targeted smokable hemp in some way, hemp cigarettes and flower are legal nationwide. 

Here are some details to keep in mind, especially if you live in one of the listed states:

  • Indiana: For the past few years, Indiana has been a hot topic in the world of cannabis and hemp. After passing legislation that explicitly outlawed smokable hemp, the state was promptly challenged for contradicting the guidelines outlined by the 2018 Farm Bill. The law was thrown out by a federal judge due its attempts to ban only one type of hemp simply because it’s hard to distinguish from marijuana; these actions were deemed unconstitutional, setting an important precedent for how these issues may be handled in other states, too.

  • Texas: Throughout 2020, Texas lawmakers made serious attempts to outlaw smokable CBD products and attack the legality of hemp in general. However, this decision was quickly overturned and brought to court in early 2021. As of this moment, the fate of smokable hemp in Texas remains unclear; it seems that banning it altogether is unlikely, though the state may adopt updated legislation that still continues to strictly limit which products are allowed and when.

  • Kentucky: Legislation in Kentucky allows only those with a license to come into contact with hemp flower, including growing, selling, and consuming it. This means that CBD users in the state are limited to post-production products instead of smokable flower, but pre-rolled products may be accessible.

  • Louisiana: In the summer of 2020, Louisiana’s government released language meant to regulate CBD and hemp, including wording that bans all smokable hemp aside from rolling papers. While this ban doesn’t include all CBD or hemp products, it does make it impossible for CBD users to access smokable options without risking legal repercussions. More recently, the state has taken steps to allow smokable marijuana products as part of its medical marijuana program instead of limiting patients to products like tinctures and gummies. It’s likely that Louisiana’s tight stance on smokable hemp will be challenged or quickly overturned as the validity of these decisions is questioned by the community at large.

If you live in a state that’s not smokable-hemp-friendly, it’s likely best to stick to products like oils, tinctures, or even edibles to avoid any trouble. 

Any state that attempts to fully ban smokable hemp in any form is likely to face serious heat, so it becomes less and less likely that states will attempt to do so over time. Still, stay informed on what’s going on around you and always purchase products from reputable, safe sources.

Using Hemp Cigarettes: Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp cigarettes are one of the easiest ways to consume CBD, but they’re one of the least understood, at least by the general public. Below are some points to consider as you decide whether or not hemp cigarettes might be the product for you.

Do hemp cigarettes smell?

Yes, hemp cigarettes generally produce a smell, though the severity and character of this odor can vary from strain to strain.

Even if your cigarette itself isn’t too smelly, it’s likely that the smoke it produces will be. Hemp flower, which makes up the contents of these cigarettes, smells nearly identical to marijuana, so it’s best to stick to safe, appropriate spaces to smoke.

Can you fly with hemp cigarettes?

If you’re flying within the U.S., you should be able to carry your hemp cigarettes without running into issues. Whether you place them in your carry-on or checked luggage, you shouldn’t run into any problems, at least none that you wouldn’t encounter with regular tobacco cigarettes.

Of course, it’s not wise to smoke your cigarettes in or around an airport, much less the plane itself. If you’re travelling to a state with stricter laws, it might be best to be prepared to prove your cigarettes are made of legal hemp.

Travelling internationally can create different obstacles. Other countries have different laws about whether or not hemp and marijuana are allowed, so even if you make it out of the U.S. with your product, you may have to dispose of it upon landing.

Be sure to check out the laws where you’ll be visiting to get a better idea of whether or not hemp cigarettes are an appropriate choice for your trip.

What are the best hemp cigarettes?

Our personal favorite hemp cigarettes are those from Redwood Reserves. These cigarettes combine great quality with a powerful, long-lasting experience, making them a great option for anyone looking to try the product type out.

The brand offers both menthol CBD and regular CBD cigarettes for a reasonable price. They feature only the best buds and are chock-full of terpenes to help soothe both the body and mind.

When buying from brands like Redwood Reserves, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best for your money.

Redwood Reserves CBD Hemp Flower Cigarettes

Redwood Reserve original CBD hemp flower cigarette box.
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Redwood Reserves CBD Hemp Flower Cigarettes

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Review Breakdown

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Company Reputation 

Quality – 5/5
Flavor – 5/5
Price vs Value – 5/5
Experience – 5/5
Company Reputation – 5/5


Takeaway: A Safer, Cleaner Cigarette

There are many reasons people are choosing to smoke hemp flower cigarettes. Aside from their relaxing benefits, hemp flower cigarettes are healthier, non-addictive, more flavorful, and better than other smokes out there. 

There are tons of different varieties of hemp cigarettes on the market, so find what suits your lifestyle best. Whether you’re focused on making the switch from addictive nicotine smoking to hemp cigarettes or are just looking for a new way to consume CBD, be sure to invest in high-quality products (like those featured over at our directory) to ensure you reap as many benefits as you can.

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