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A couple in their twenties sitting side by side smoking joints.

Does CBD Flower Reduce Anxiety? – Which Strain Works Best

CBD is well-reported as an anxiety remedy, but does the same hold true for CBD flower, which is rich in other cannabinoids? Read on to find out more.  CBD flower does reduce anxiety. Various studies have proven that CBD flower interacts with the neurotransmitters that regulate our body’s stress responses

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View from above of a beautifully colored hemp plant.

Is CBD Flower Psychoactive? – Effects of Smoking CBD

CBD flower and marijuana both come from the same plant. For this reason, the effects of both compounds are often conflated. But can CBD get you high in the same way THC does? CBD flower will not produce the same psychoactive effects as marijuana, and it certainly won’t cause you

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Can You Drive After Smoking CBD? – Current Laws 2022

With CBD becoming increasingly popular, many begin to worry about both the safety and legality of consuming CBD before driving. We will go into depth about all your questions below. While the legality surrounding CBD is a constantly changing gray area, CBD does not have psychoactive properties and therefore should

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Redwood Reserve original CBD hemp flower cigarette box with five cigarettes laying in front.

Pros and Cons of CBD Cigarettes – Ask an Industry Expert

CBD cigarettes are appealing options for smoking cessation and fast pain relief, but are there any major cons?  CBD cigarettes are a great option for individuals looking to smoke a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and they deliver incredible pain-relieving results very quickly. However, CBD cigarettes also present their

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A hemp bud being pulled out of a pop top container held by tongs.

Why Does CBD Flower Burn My Throat? – List of 9 Remedies

One of the cons of smoking CBD flower is dealing with a sore throat. But there are ways of dealing with the burning and ensuring it doesn’t occur again.   When grown properly, CBD flower shouldn’t burn your throat. The irritation you feel after smoking could be caused by pesticides, incorrect

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Close up view of a hemp flower cola with beautiful purple and green leaves.

Pros and Cons of CBD Flower – Ask an Industry Expert

Smokable CBD flower may be touted by sellers as an excellent CBD option for anyone. But what are the pros and cons? Who might it work for, and why?  CBD flower can be a great option for CBD users looking for a fast-acting and wholesome option, as CBD flower is

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Pile of purple and green hemp flower buds covered in trichomes and orange hairs.

Does CBD Flower Have Any THC? – Federal & State Laws 2022

CBD flower offers promising new benefits, but given its resemblance to marijuana, it begs the question: does CBD flower contain THC? If so, how much?  CBD flower naturally contains THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) since all cannabis plant family’s variants naturally contain both CBD and THC. However, hemp plants

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Can You Fly With CBD Flower? – TSA Guidelines 2022

CBD use can be extremely beneficial while traveling, but can you actually get on a plane with CBD flower without getting in some hot water? You can fly between states in the U.S. while carrying CBD flower. However, seemingly legitimate CBD flower may often be illegal and contain more than

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Does CBD Flower Taste Like Weed? – Flavor Profiles Compared

CBD flower and marijuana both have benefits, but while one is legal, the other is a controlled substance. So why is it that the two seem so physically similar? CBD flower is virtually indistinguishable from marijuana in terms of taste, smell, and appearance, meaning that simply looking at the two

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A close up view of a beautiful trichome covered CBD flower cola.

What Is the Strongest CBD Flower You Can Buy? – Top 5 Strains

Nowadays, it seems like cannabis products, including CBD flower, are getting stronger, faster, and more intense. How can you decide which options are best? The strongest CBD flower you can buy will generally range between 20-25% CBD in terms of potency; this level of strength is above average and likely

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Is CBD Flower Addictive or Habit Forming?

If CBD isn’t that far removed from its psychoactive cousin THC, does it carry the same risk for potential addiction, whether it be physical or mental? CBD flower, and CBD in general, is not addictive, nor is it habit-forming. This is because CBD itself does not interact with the brain

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