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Does CBD Flower Make You Paranoid? – Weed Anxiety Deep Dive

Everyone reacts slightly differently to CBD flower, especially depending on the type of CBD flower. In this detailed analysis, you’ll find out why people sometimes associate CBD flower with paranoia. CBD flower does not contain enough THC to make you feel paranoid, or high in any way. In fact, CBD

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Man with a scruffy beard lighting a joint that's hanging from his lips.

CBD Cigarettes vs CBD Joints – Pros, Cons, & Recommendations

When it comes to smoking cannabis, joints and blunts often come to mind. But did you know CBD joints and cigarettes are real, legal, and viable product options? CBD cigarettes are great options for those who prioritize convenience, subtlety, and accessibility. CBD joints, on the other hand, offer more customization

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Man wearing a windbreaker hoodie smoking a joint during sunset.

What to Do if You’re Caught With CBD Flower

CBD flower, though legal, closely mimics its illegal counterpart, marijuana. So, what do you do to prove you’re not breaking laws when caught with CBD flower? When caught with CBD flower, CBD users should be able to quickly provide proof that the product falls in line with state and federal

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Clipboard with a blank sheet of paper and a pen sitting on top next to a test tube with cannabis.

CBD Flower vs Delta-8: Does CBD Flower Contain Delta 8?

Delta-8 is often referred to as a legal alternative for delta-9 THC, the cannabinoid responsible for psychoactivity, but such a claim is far from the truth. CBD flower may contain trace amounts of delta-8 THC as well as delta-9 THC, but to be legally grown and sold in the U.S.,

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Hands wearing see through gloves holding a glass jar in one hand and freshly harvested hemp flower in the other.

What Does CBD Flower Smell Like? – Understanding Terpenes

If you’ve ever considered using CBD flower, you’ve likely wondered just how it smells. Does it always smell good? Skunky? Is it distinguishable from marijuana? CBD flower usually smells earthy, woodsy, herbal, or spicy, depending on the strain. CBD hemp flower smells identical to marijuana and other cannabis plants. This

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Blonde women wearing a green hoodie and the camera focused on smoke floating in front of her.

Why Does CBD Flower Feel So Good? – How Cannabinoids Work

Many of us are familiar with the benefits of CBD, including pain management, better sleep, and a better mood. But just how do these effects come to be? CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a complex system in our bodies that manages many processes like homeostasis and even digestion. For

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Man with salt and pepper colored hair wearing a red plaid shirt and overalls holding a handful of hemp flower surrounding by harvested hemp plants drying.

Hemp Flower vs Biomass: Does Hemp Biomass Include Flower?

Hemp biomass seems to be all the buzz nowadays, at least in communities of hemp farmers and users. But what exactly is it, and what benefits does it offer? Hemp biomass refers to the harvested parts of the hemp plant, but this classification does not include flower. Sometimes, the term

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Pile of chocolate chip cookies and a bunch of CBD buds in front of it.

Does CBD Flower Give You the Munchies?

THC, found in marijuana, is infamous for its ability to send you to the kitchen (or to your nearest takeout spot) due to increased feelings of hunger. Though CBD and THC can both help you eat more overall, which can be very beneficial for those who struggle to maintain a

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