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Women sitting at a desk typing on the keyboard with pain radiating from her left wrist.

How to Use CBD for Carpal Tunnel: The Top Facts You Need to Know

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the bane of every office worker’s existence, and for good reason. But did you know that CBD for carpal tunnel may be the answer? CBD can successfully lower levels of inflammation throughout the body, thus reducing pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome. CBD products of all

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Brunette women wearing purple yoga cloths curled up on the floor holding her stomach in pain.

CBD for Endometriosis Pain: How Well Does It Work?

Endometriosis, a sometimes debilitatingly painful disorder, affects almost 10% of reproductive-aged women, many of whom are beginning to turn to CBD for help. CBD can help manage endometriosis pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory, relaxing properties. Symptoms like nausea, cramping, and their resulting stress can also be remedied with CBD, making

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A surfer launching himself off of a wave and into the air with the sun setting in the background.

The Benefits of CBD for Athletes – Pain & Inflammation Relief

Athletes frequently challenge themselves to push their bodies to the limit. As a result, more individuals are now discovering the many benefits CBD offers. CBD targets pain and inflammation, which are common consequences of challenging the body or becoming injured through sports. That’s why CBD is a great option for

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Brunette 20 something year old blowing her nose with a tissue.

CBD Oil for Allergies: The Exciting New Research

Do you dread the stuffy nose and itchy eyes that arrive with the blossoming of spring flowers? Or, maybe your sinuses flare up whenever you visit your neighbor’s three-cat household. Whatever is causing your burdensome allergic reactions, CBD oil for allergies can help. While most people take over-the-counter medication for

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Athletic white guy wearing black running shoes crouching down holding his ankle.

CBD for Tendonitis: Reduce Pain, Inflammation, and More

Do you suffer from tightness or pain in your tendons? You may be experiencing tendonitis, a common inflammatory injury; luckily, CBD can minimize discomfort. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to help speed up immune processes, CBD can be a natural, safe, and highly beneficial tool for treating tendonitis.

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Young women wearing a white tank top itching her eczema.

Can I Use CBD for Eczema?

Eczema can be an incredibly frustrating condition to deal with, especially as the weather turns colder and drier and begins to leave you in a world of red, itchy, scaly discomfort. You may very well be looking everywhere for a potential treatment that isn’t the same prescription or over-the-counter antihistamine

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Doctor wearing white residency jacket holding an iPad with a picture of an animated head and the words Parkinson's disease.

CBD Oil for Parkinson’s: Can It Help With Shaky Hands?

As CBD’s popularity grows, it has become hailed as a potential treatment for more and more ailments, mental and physical alike. Scientists are closely monitoring the relationship between CBD and Parkinson’s disease, and CBD is looking like a very promising candidate for curbing symptoms. More research is needed before we

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Women in her late 20's holding a piece of paper with a drawn on smile over her mouth with eye liner smeared under her eyes.

CBD for Bipolar: What the Evidence Says

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that can cause sufferers a great deal of stress, and can really disrupt one’s ability to function effectively in day-to-day life if it goes untreated or undiagnosed. The good news is that it can be managed with the use of some medications, like

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White guy standing up holding his stomach with both hands wearing a charcoal long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and a black belt.

CBD Oil for Crohn’s: How Can It Help & Is It Safe?

If Crohn’s feels so debilitating that you feel as though you have nowhere left to turn for treatment- did you know CBD is an option? CBD lowers inflammation and discomfort, so it is a great tool for people with painful gut issues like Crohn’s Disease. In fact, cannabis is reportedly

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Man in blue T-shirt wearing blood pressure cuff on left bicep.

Does CBD Lower Blood Pressure? – What the Research Tells Us

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is frequently promoted as a treatment for anything from anxiety to chronic pain, but does it have the power to affect our vitals, too? CBD can lower blood pressure and heart rate, especially if they are frequently impacted by things like high levels of stress and anxiety.

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CBD in dark green over Facilitator in black with a black cannabis leaf and black tincture bottle and eyedropper to the right.
Brunette women in her 20's sitting at the bottom of the best holding her neck in pain.

Is CBD Good for Inflammation? – What the Research Tells Us

Cannabidiol (CBD) has recently gathered traction for its multiple benefits in relation to the human body. One such alleged benefit is that it reduces inflammation.  According to research and anecdotal evidence, CBD can certainly help inflammation. But the science is still limited, and your results may depend on how you

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Massive bruise under someones knee.

Is CBD Cream Good for Healing Bruises?

Recent research indicates positive benefits from using CBD cream for treating bruises and other conditions. But how does it work? Is it really as effective as it seems? CBD cream is an excellent solution to help speed up the healing process for bruises. Not only can CBD help discoloration fade

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A black chalkboard with a wooden frame and the words GOUT written in white and a stethoscope laying on top.

How to Use CBD Oil for Gout: Relieve Symptoms, Pain, and More

CBD has established itself as a treatment option for many chronic conditions, including IBS, endometriosis, and more. But, can it help with symptoms of gout? CBD, with some limitations, can effectively help treat gout, a chronic type of arthritis characterized by inflammation, redness, and pain. As a natural inflammation-fighter, and

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Chiseled male gymnast holding himself up by his hands on two handing loops.

How to Use CBD for Muscle Recovery: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re familiar with CBD and all of the benefits that come along with it, you might wonder if CBD is an effective treatment for muscle injuries and recovery. It is entirely possible and simple to use CBD for muscle recovery. Because CBD naturally targets inflammation, it’s great at providing

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