Is CBD Cream Good for Healing Bruises?

Massive bruise under someones knee.

Recent research indicates positive benefits from using CBD cream for treating bruises and other conditions. But how does it work? Is it really as effective as it seems?

CBD cream is an excellent solution to help speed up the healing process for bruises. Not only can CBD help discoloration fade faster, but it can also help your body reduce swelling and inflammation. Together, these effects make CBD a brilliant tool to help heal bruises.

Although most of the recent evidence is very promising, there is still a lot of medical research that needs to be conducted to fully understand the mechanism by which CBD heals bruises. This article will explain what causes bruising, the current state of research on CBD as a medicine, and the limitations and questions still unknown. CBD as a tool to help treat bruises is an exciting new avenue of research in the medical community.

What Causes Bruising?

Bruising is an incredibly common condition in humans. Everybody has some experience with bruising, although it is certainly true that certain people experience bruising more often than others. A bruise, in its most basic sense, is the accumulation of blood from damaged blood vessels near the surface of the skin that results from harsh physical contact.

There are endless ways that one could receive a bruise, from accidentally kicking the leg of a chair, to a hard fall while skiing, to weightlifting. When this harsh physical contact occurs, many blood vessels burst upon impact. The blood inside of these blood vessels is then released. This blood collects together near the surface of impact, which results in the black and blue mark that everyone can recognize.

Other factors influence how easily, and how often, one experiences bruising. Those taking medicines that thin the blood are more susceptible to bruising. Elderly people are more prone to bruises due to thinner skin.

After the initial event that causes bruising, the coloration can change drastically. Immediately after impact, a bruise may appear pink or reddish. After a few hours, though, the color turns to a dark purple or blue, which is the traditional image of a bruise. After a few days, the blue and black usually fades into a yellow or green hue that indicates healing.

The first few days in the healing process of a bruise can make the affected area tender and painful to the touch. Usually the pain fades after a few days. Since no skin must be broken in order to receive a bruise, things like infection are not typically a concern.

Over time, circulation and body repair mechanisms drain this blood away from the affected area and naturally heal the bruise. Sometimes, though, this healing process can take a while. And most of the time, bruises can be an ugly eyesore, despite the fact that they will heal in a few days. One of the best ways to speed up the healing process for bruises is by using CBD cream.

If you are experiencing a bruise that is exceptionally painful, swelling, or lack of pain reduction over multiple weeks, please don’t hesitate to contact a trained medical professional for advice on how to proceed.

Does CBD Cream Help Bruises heal Faster?

The current state of research in the medical CBD community lends credence to the idea that CBD cream can help bruises heal faster. 

CBD can provide a plethora of different benefits to the human body. We’ll start by exploring how CBD can provide benefits in the broadest sense, then work into how CBD cream can specifically help bruises heal.

One of the most helpful properties of CBD is the ability to reduce pain, both chronic and acute, in the body. Cannabinoids are a group of compounds found in both the cannabis plant and naturally in the body. CBD specifically is short for cannabidiol, which falls under the category of cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids affect the body via cannabinoid receptors, ion channels, and enzymes – all of which are found naturally within the body. Recent studies have shed light on the mechanism by which these cannabinoids can lead to helpful responses to medical traumas. Some of these mechanisms include:

  • Inhibiting the release of certain neurotransmitters and neuropeptides from nerve endings. These neurotransmitters and neuropeptides are responsible for feelings of pain in the body, so inhibition of them leads to reduced pain.
  • Activating inhibitory pain pathways. Some cannabinoids can activate a pathway within the body that eventually leads to the release of compounds that mitigate feelings of pain.
  • Reduction of neural inflammation. Reducing inflammation is one of the best effects of cannabinoids, and something that this article will discuss in depth later on.

Although the current data in many fields of cannabinoid research is incomplete, the results are incredibly promising and encouraging. The findings from recent studies support the use of medical cannabis in treating pain.

These mechanisms by which cannabinoids reduce pain can be applied to the pain that bruises cause. Another way that CBD cream can really help heal bruises is through the reduction of inflammation, mentioned earlier.

A recent study looked specifically at how topical CBD application affects inflammation related to arthritis. Since CBD cream for bruises is applied topically, this study is especially pertinent to explaining how CBD helps bruises heal. The study found evidence that topical CBD application leads to therapeutic relief of inflammation and pain caused by arthritis without any apparent side-effects.  

The effects of reduced pain and reduced inflammation combine to make CBD cream a truly excellent option to help bruises heal more quickly. Anecdotes from a variety of different CBD cream providers all show quick reductions in pain, swelling, and coloration.

CBD creams can be made in the “full-spectrum” category which means they can contain THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis. However, if any of that THC gets absorbed into the bloodstream, it will be a very minuscule amount. This is important to note because, even if your CBD cream contains THC, there is no chance of psychoactive effects. You won’t need to worry about failing a drug test, getting “high”, or otherwise feeling inebriated by using CBD cream. CBD cream is a strictly medical cream with many benefits and few known side effects. However, if you are particularly wary about THC, then there are also CBD creams that are not full-spectrum, but broad-spectrum (which contains other cannabinoids, but no THC), or CBD isolate (which is just pure CBD).

Mans hand reaching into a jar of 1:3 CBD to THC relief cream.

Why Does CBD Cream Help Heal Bruises?

CBD cream is one of the best options on the market to help heal bruises quickly. The mechanism by which cannabidiol affects the body and can lead to better health outcomes is complex. As discussed earlier, there are pathways in the body that CBD cream can tap into, thereby reducing pain and reducing inflammation.

One helpful discussion is to look at other common methods of treating bruises and comparing how they work with how CBD cream functions. Some common methods of treating bruises include:

  • Ice therapy. This can help reduce inflammation, which CBD cream also does.
  • Heat. This method boosts circulation and increases blood flow which can help wash away some of the spilled blood. CBD doesn’t function by increasing blood flow, so combining heat and CBD cream can be an incredibly effective combination of therapies.
  • Compression. This method helps to reduce pain and inflammation, which of course are the main ways that CBD cream helps heal bruises.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Vitamin C helps bruises by assisting the body in collagen synthesis, which in turn strengthens capillary walls. Vitamin K helps bruises by improving the ability of the body to form blood clots. Consuming more of these vitamins can be a helpful addition to CBD cream.
  • Aloe vera. Aloe vera functions similarly to CBD cream. By reducing inflammation, aloe vera helps reduce pain and accelerates the healing of bruises.

It’s important to look at these other methods and understand which complement CBD cream, and which ones might be redundant when paired. Methods such as ice therapy, compression, and aloe vera can be substituted by CBD cream. That’s not to say using multiple methods won’t be effective – it just might be slightly redundant.

Meanwhile, methods such as heat and increased intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin K work differently than CBD cream, and therefore using multiple of these methods at the same time can be extremely effective in healing bruises. It can be particularly helpful to create a multi-pronged approach to treating many medical conditions, including bruises. By helping the body in multiple ways, you give your body more opportunities to heal itself.

CBD cream is a topical ointment, which means that it is applied to the affected area and absorbed into the body through the skin. You do not need to worry about the compound reaching your bloodstream and affecting a drug test or anything of the like. Although technically the cream does enter your bloodstream, it is hardly even a fraction of what is applied, so the CBD will not interact with the rest of your body. Instead, the CBD is absorbed through the skin, then interacts with nearby cannabinoid receptors to begin the process of helping the body heal the bruise.

The binding of CBD to cannabinoid receptors leads to a cascade within the body that ultimately leads to decreased levels of pain signals and inflammation signals. These contribute to less pain for victims of bruises, and the reduced inflammation is a helpful step in clearing away the spilled blood that causes the coloration of the bruise.

CBD cream provides other benefits to the body besides reduced pain and reduced inflammation. CBD also has antibacterial properties which can help strengthen the damaged skin. Although, as mentioned earlier, bruises are usually very low risk for developing infection due to no break in the skin, infections can easily occur after the fact. CBD also helps the body reestablish homeostasis, which is a fancy word for balanced processes within the body.

Because of these properties, CBD cream is a truly great option to help bruises heal faster. While not in the scope of this article, it’s important to note that CBD cream can also provide relief and value when treating other ailments associated with the skin, such as burns or wounds.

Jar of lime green CBD cream with a hemp leaf laying on top and the lid laying on the ground to the right.

How to Use CBD Cream to Help Heal Bruises

This article has outlined the scientific basis for CBD cream. Recent studies, using modern medical and scientific technology, have provided strong evidence for the effectiveness of CBD cream in helping heal bruises. All of these positive results are encouraging, as they provide a safe and proven method to help people heal from their bruises more quickly.

Now that you are convinced of the medical merit of CBD cream, you may be wondering the best way to apply CBD cream, and how to use it most effectively.

CBD comes in many different forms. One of the most common forms of CBD is CBD oil. These CBD oils are designed to be either ingested or placed under the tongue. While this can be a very effective method of receiving CBD for other purposes, it is not the ideal form of ingestion for treating bruises.

The best form of CBD to use for treating bruises or other issues dealing with the skin is CBD cream. CBD cream contains the same great properties of CBD oil, but is able to be applied topically. Simply spreading the cream on the skin and rubbing it in allows the cannabinoids to bind with cannabinoid receptors near the wound to expedite the healing process.

Of course, when treating a bruise with CBD cream, you will want to spread the cream directly on the affected area. The CBD creams are formulated with other ingredients to promote quick and easy absorption into the skin.

It is also important to note that one of the benefits of CBD cream is that you cannot add too much. Because the CBD doesn’t enter your bloodstream in the same way it would if you were consuming CBD oil or other methods, you do not need to worry about overdoing it. The CBD will not make you feel fatigued, or cause any of the other side effects sometimes associated with CBD. You can apply as much as necessary without any worries. As such, if you have a severe bruise, don’t be shy when applying– you can apply copious amounts then go back and apply again if you’re still waiting on the desired effects. 

When using a CBD cream, it is important to completely read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply it. Although most CBD creams are generally applied the same way, there may be some slight differences, and it’s important to be aware of these.

Conclusion: CBD Cream is a Great Tool to Help Bruises Heal

The immense medical benefits of CBD have gained much traction in the medical and scientific communities over the past few decades. Prohibition of cannabis in the 20th century hurt the progress made on the medical benefits of CBD. Despite this, recent research has provided serious support for the use of CBD as a medicine.

CBD can help the body in a myriad of ways. One of the most helpful applications of CBD is CBD cream, which is an excellent way to help bruises heal more quickly.

To recap: bruises are formed by harsh contact with a physical surface. This contact leads to blood vessels bursting. The loose blood that spilled from the burst blood vessels then accumulates near the surface of the skin. This causes the black and blue color that we associate with bruises. 

CBD cream can help the healing process in a couple of ways. The main two pathways by which CBD cream helps the body heal bruises is by reducing pain and reducing inflammation. CBD accomplishes this goal by attaching to cannabinoid receptors that naturally occur in the body.

CBD itself is a cannabinoid called cannabidiol. Once cannabidiol is absorbed into the body, it can attach to cannabinoid receptors. This attachment leads to a cascade effect of hormones and other compounds in the body. The end result is less pain signals being transmitted, and less inflammation in the affected areas. This helps to reduce the pain and coloration of bruises.

CBD cream isn’t the only method of healing bruises and is often augmented by other methods. Specifically, using heat and increasing intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin K can really complement the effects of CBD cream. When used together, bruises can heal much faster than they normally would.

CBD cream is applied topically, directly to the bruise. Rubbing the cream in on the affected area allows the cannabinoids to enter the skin, where they can bind with nearby cannabinoid receptors. From there, the healing process is improved.

There are very promising results that suggest that CBD can be a facilitator for faster healing. CBD doesn’t bring new mechanisms of healing into the body – instead, it helps activate and accelerate the body’s own healing processes, which are shaped by millions of years of evolution.

If you or somebody you love feels self-conscious, pain, or embarrassment about bruises, please consider trying CBD cream to help bruises heal faster. CBD cream will help some individuals more than others; it’s the nature of the complex human body. Either way, though, CBD cream is worth trying because it can really accelerate the healing process and have you looking your best in no time.

The CBD market is new, and it still lacks a certain amount of regulation. Many products out there claiming to be CBD cream are actually mislabeled, or sometimes simply not a trustworthy brand truly toting the ingredients they promise. For that reason, it is vital to buy from a reliable source. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve assembled a database of all the most trustworthy products available on the CBD market. How do we know they’re high quality? We’ve tried them all personally. Click here to see our recommendation for CBD topical cream.

Josh Murdoch

Josh Murdoch

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and although it is incurable, CBD and THC have been allowing me to live my life as a healthy adult now for years. For that reason, I’ve dedicated my career to spreading the good news about cannabinoids. Currently, I work for a vertically integrated cannabis company called Unrivaled Brands that operates in California, Oregon, and Nevada. Previously, I worked on two cannabis farms in northern California, one of which was located in the famous Humboldt County. I’ve also managed a medical cannabis delivery service in Marin County, California. I created CBD Facilitator to share what I’ve learned, and to recommend the best products that I have found in this chaotic market.

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Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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Our Mission

Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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