CBD Facilitator provides the most trustworthy spot to receive CBD education. We understand that CBD is a somewhat new product on the health market, so we are committed to supplying important information regarding the nature of CBD. There are many common questions about CBD that the general public may not know. This page is dedicated to answering those questions and calming any fears you may have about CBD. The most important tool one can have is education and knowledge. CBD Facilitator does the dirty work of finding and understanding all the relevant science, then delivering digestible articles that explain all the ins and outs of CBD.

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Can CBD Gummies Be Mailed? – USPS, UPS, & FedEx Policies

Let’s face it: laws surrounding CBD aren’t nearly as clear as they should be, including legislation about sending products like CBD gummies in the mail. In most cases, mailing CBD gummies within the same state or across state lines is allowed, though it does depend on which mail service provider

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How Do CBD Dabs Make You Feel? – Will They Get You High

In the world of cannabis, dabs are well-known for their ability to put even seasoned users on the couch. How can you take advantage of this power for yourself? Though CBD dabs won’t get you high, they will produce effects that are much stronger than those that come from other

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Does Topical CBD Enter Your Bloodstream?

Topical CBD creams and oils seem like the perfect way to spot-treat pain and inflammation regularly without side effects, but do they actually work? If so, how? Topical CBD products don’t enter the bloodstream; instead, they bond with endocannabinoid receptors found on the skin. These receptors allow CBD to directly

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How Long Does CBD Crumble Last? – Storage Instructions

If you’re a fan of CBD crumble, you probably want to know how to best store your product for a maximized shelf life – fortunately, the answer is fairly simple. When stored properly, CBD crumble can last for 1-2 years or possibly even more before beginning to go bad. Because

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Jar of lime green CBD cream with a hemp leaf laying on top and the lid laying on the ground to the right.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Cream and Hemp Cream?

Learning about each cannabis product before you make a purchase can be confusing without the right assistance. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between CBD cream and hemp cream.  A few main differences between CBD cream and hemp cream include: Hemp products come from the seeds of the cannabis

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Can CBD Gummies Make You Sick? – Potential Side Effects

CBD gummies are handy, easy to consume, and even tasty. But what happens when the CBD in them becomes the source of discomfort rather than the solution?  CBD gummies do have the potential to make you sick; they could cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Though disruptive and unpleasant, these side

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My Dog Ate CBD Gummies: What Should I do?

Dogs get into things they shouldn’t; it’s an inevitable truth that comes with pet ownership. When pets eat CBD gummies, though, things can get complicated. If your dog eats CBD gummies meant for human consumption, contact your vet as soon as possible. Don’t induce vomiting or give your dog any

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Can CBD Isolate Be Eaten? – Pros, Cons, & Recipe Suggestions

CBD isolate products, which contain only CBD, are great options for those looking to avoid THC entirely. But is eating CBD a good idea or one that will work? CBD isolate products can indeed be eaten safely and effectively. Users can consume products alone or with other foods. It’s possible

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How Much Does CBD Distillate Cost? – Average Industry Price

CBD distillate is often sold in bulk, but it also comes in individual, smaller packages, too. As a result, specific pricing models can vary significantly. In general, CBD distillate usually costs around $5-15 for an individual gram, and upwards of $1500-3000 for a kilogram or a liter. The form in

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How Long Does It Take for a CBD Vape to Start Working?

When you take a hit of a CBD vape, you’ll likely notice some difference almost immediately. Still, the long-term effects of a vape can be hard to measure. CBD vapes generally produce results for a user within 15-20 minutes of inhaling, but some may notice these effects much faster, especially

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Can You Use Too Much Topical CBD? – How to Apply Properly

The temptation to put on that extra layer of CBD cream may be strong, especially if you’re dealing with chronic pain, but what are the potential consequences? It’s not really possible to overdose on CBD, so you don’t have to worry about overdosing on CBD topicals either, especially because CBD

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