How Do You Use CBG Isolate Powder?

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You may be familiar with CBG as a cannabinoid but are likely less aware of CBG isolate as a product and how it can serve you, your products, and your needs.

CBG isolate powder is pure enough to be very versatile; the lack of other cannabinoids or parts of the hemp plant mean that it’s easy to add this product to others without overwhelming your body. You can eat, smoke, and even make capsules with CBG isolate to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Not all CBG isolate powder is created equal, and not all individuals who use it do so in the same way. That’s why it’s important to understand not just what CBG isolate is and where it comes from, but also how to best utilize it to meet your needs and support your health goals.

What is CBG Isolate Powder?

CBG isolate powder is a highly pure form of the cannabinoid cannabigerol
; these powders are generally around 98% CBG or even more potent. 

Isolate powders are usually created by extracting a particular compound from the hemp plant, often by adding the material to a solvent that draws out cannabinoids and terpenes.

Once drawn out, these compounds can be isolated through post-filtration processes like evaporation or heating. From there, individual cannabinoids, including CBG, can be collected and distributed separate from other parts of the plant.

So, CBG isolate powder is simply CBG that’s been removed from a hemp plant. 

Its potency therefore isn’t dampered by the presence of other materials, making it one of the strongest and most straightforward options out there for ingesting the cannabinoid.

What is CBG Isolate Powder Used For?

Because of its purity, CBG isolate powder is highly versatile and thus has a myriad of practical uses, including:

  • Combination with other products. Because CBG is a cannabinoid and interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, combining it with others (like CBD or THC) as well as terpenes and flavonoids can help you create a more well-rounded, intense experience. This is thanks to the entourage effect, which occurs when multiple parts of the cannabis plant combine to curate a deeper and more nuanced result. 
  • Relief from pain and inflammation. Though more research is certainly needed to fully understand how CBG works to reduce inflammation, for the time being, it does appear that CBG has at least some ability to curb swelling and the pain that comes with it.
  • Protection from damage and bacteria. Likewise, preliminary studies on CBG and other cannabinoids suggest they may have neuroprotective and antibacterial properties. More inquiry into this area is needed before we can make these claims definitively, though.
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How to Use CBG Isolate Powder

The benefits of using CBG are numerous, and so too are the ways in which you can take advantage of them. Let’s take a look at some of the most common and easy ways to use CBG isolate powder for pain relief, anxiety, and more.

Cook With It

One of the best things about CBG isolate powder is that it comes ready to use. There’s no need to decarboxylate your powder before cooking with it, though it may be easier to use if you combine your isolate with a carrier like oil. 

Be sure to cook with your isolate over low heat to avoid damaging the product or the cannabinoids within. 

Sprinkling some isolate on top of a finished dish, mixing it into a sauce, or even tossing it in a beverage are other, less complicated ways to eat your product.

Dab It or Smoke It

Smoking or dabbing isolate is also another option, and it’s especially ideal if you want almost instantaneous results that will stick with you for a few hours.

Because smoking or dabbing your product allows it to quickly enter the lungs and bloodstream, you’ll notice the effects of your CBG isolate within just a few minutes.

Also nice is how easy it is to smoke isolate in just about any way you’d like to. 

Whether you add it to a joint, layer it in a bowl with flower, or dab it on its own, inhaling your CBG isolate is a great way to introduce it to your system fast and with minimal obstacles.

Use it Sublingually

Placing your CBG isolate under your tongue may seem strange, but the area under the tongue and around the cheeks is actually full of blood vessels that CBG can interact with and be absorbed through.

Sublingual consumption is also very fast-acting because it allows cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream without having to pass through other parts of the body (i.e. the digestive tract) first.

Just place a small amount of isolate under your tongue and allow the product to dissolve to feel its effects.

Women dropping CBD oil onto her tongue.

Put it Into Capsules

If you’d like very precise and easy-to-manipulate doses of CBG isolate, creating capsules full of the powder is likely the way to go. 

Empty capsules are easy to find and purchase, and they give you the unique chance to control exactly how much product constitutes a single dose for you.

Once filled with CBG isolate, capsules can be taken like normal and will produce effects within an hour or two. 

How Much CBG Isolate Powder to Use

To decide how much CBG isolate powder to use, you must first determine what your goals for your product are and what an effective starting dose looks like for your body. A dose of around 10-30 mgs of CBG may be enough, or you may find that you need more to actually notice a difference. 

You don’t necessarily need to worry about the effects of taking too much CBG, as this cannabinoid is non-psychoactive and unlikely to cause more than mild side effects.

However, it’s still good practice to start with smaller doses and work your way up until you find the lowest one that’s effective.

How to Measure CBG Isolate Powder Without a Scale

A scale makes it possible to precisely measure how much powder (and CBG itself) you’re taking in at a time, but so too do micro-scoops, like these, which can easily be found online. 

These tools make it easy to measure a consistent amount of product into even doses, which you can calculate by doing a bit of math using the total amount of CBG in your product.

Final Thoughts

CBG isolate powder may not have the name recognition that its cousin, CBD isolate powder, does, but that doesn’t mean it can’t offer some serious benefits to those who use it.

Many of the benefits of CBD, including reduced levels of anxiety, pain, inflammation, etc., are also found through CBG. 

Using CBG, therefore, can serve you in many of the ways CBD can, and it can help increase the efficiency of your other products (if you use any).

Because it’s a pure, powdered form of the cannabinoid, CBG isolate is very versatile and can be used in just about any way you can think of. 

That means it’s great for long-term and consistent use; it’s easy to mix things up and adjust your doses to match your changing needs with this sort of product, making it perfect for those looking for more control over their routine.

If CBG isolate sounds like it could benefit you, don’t wait – take the time to find a product that will work for you! 

Our directory is full of information about other CBG and CBD products that can work well in combination with CBG isolate to promote overall wellness, encourage great physiological health, and maintain homoeostasis. 

If you’re specifically looking for CBG isolate powder, click here for our personal favorite product, CBDistillery CBG Isolate Powder.

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Josh Murdoch

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