What Can You Do With CBD Isolate Powder?

Wooden bowl full of CBD isolate powder with a matching spoon full of white powder on top.

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CBD isolate powder is used to treat a wide range of health conditions from inflammation to anxiety. But what can you do with CBD isolate powder to consume it?

CBD isolate powder is highly adaptable, and can be used on your skin, consumed via capsules, vaped, dabbed, used sublingually, added to hemp flower, and used in a variety of ways in the kitchen like incorporating it into smoothies, beverages, dressings, sauces, soup, and sweeteners.

Once you make the consumption process seamless, you can enjoy the many health benefits that CBD has to offer to your body.

How do you use CBD isolate powder?

CBD isolate powder is very versatile because it has no color, odor, or taste. It is the purest form of CBD and does not give you a high. For this reason, its versatility extends to many uses, such as:

  • Using it on your skin – Olive oil, hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and high-fat carrier oils can all be mixed with CBD isolate powder and applied on the skin.

  • Using it sublingually – Placing CDB isolate powder under your tongue for about 60 to 90 seconds is one of the most effective and convenient ways to ingest CBD.

  • Consuming it via capsules – If you don’t want to consume your CBD isolate powder sublingually, or you’d like a quick and efficient way to store and carry your CBD isolate powder, storing it in capsules is a great option, allowing for easy consumption.

  • Adding it to hemp flower – Some hemp flower on its own does not contain enough CBD to produce therapeutic effects, so adding CBD isolate powder to your hemp flower and rolling it is a great way to smoke hemp flower while enjoying the benefits of CBD isolate powder.

  • Incorporating it into your food – Adding CBD isolate powder to your daily recipes is quick and easy. Because of its colorless, odorless, and tasteless nature, you can add CBD isolate to pretty much anything.

Is CBD isolate safe to smoke?

CBD isolate can be safe to smoke if done correctly. You can smoke CBD isolate in a joint or by using a vaporizer with a cartridge. CBD isolate can also be vaped. Because vapes cool off the smoke a little before you inhale it into your lungs, this may be a slightly safer method.

Smoking CBD isolate has gained a widespread reputation among those looking for pain relief, or those living with anxiety or previous addictions. It is much safer than smoking tobacco or cigarettes.

While smoking CBD isolate is not completely side effect-free, it is well-tolerated among most people.

  • Can you mix CBD isolate powder into a bowl or joint?

Yes. There are many options to smoke CBD isolate, and these are just a couple of them. However, we should mention that inhaling pure CBD isolate can be tough no your lungs, and it’s probably best to consume it with foods or with a bong to avoid inhaling larger crystals.

CBD isolate powder can be put on top of a pre-packed bowl of marijuana. You may get a double dosage by sprinkling pure isolate over a joint rolled with a strong CBD strain. Combining both could lead to the entourage effect – a theory that states that the effects of each compound are made stronger when combined with one another.

Because CBD helps with anxiety, if you add some pure CBD isolate on top of a marijuana joint, it can counteract some anxiety and paranoia that can come with being high, giving you a more mellow or sleepy high.

  • Can you dab CBD isolate powder?

While we don’t specifically recommend spoking CBD Isolate, as it can be safer to consume it orally, sublingually, or otherwise, you can smoke CBD Isolate powder and reap its benefits. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to dab CBD isolate powder:

  1. Once you’ve positioned your dab setup and CBD isolate powder, use a butane flame to heat up the nail until the surface glows red. The ideal temperature for dabbing CBD is between 320 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or 160 and 180 degrees Celsius.

  2. Depending on the thickness and material of the nail, wait for about a minute for the nail to cool down before inhaling.

  3. Put the CBD isolate powder on the nail with the dab tool and gently inhale the vapor. Keep inhaling to consume the bulk of the evaporated powder.

  4. Exhale the vapor. After you’ve finished dabbing, wipe the nail to get rid of any remaining residue.

  5. Allow the nail to cool before wiping the interior with cotton dipped in alcohol. 

For more information on how to dab CBD isolate in a safe, convenient, and efficient way, click here.

Can I mix CBD isolate powder with water?

Yes, you can mix CBD isolate powder with water, although it will not completely dissolve. 

CBD isolate’s molecules generally dissolve in fatty substances like oil, and not water. However, since this is CBD isolate powder, you can mix it with hot beverages or water and still enjoy the benefits of CBD.

CBD Isolate powder binds to fatty or oily substances much better than it dissolves in water, so try mixing your CBD in with something that has healthy oils, such as an avocado smoothie, for example. 

  • Is CBD isolate powder water soluble?

CBD isn’t technically water-soluble, but it can be processed with an emulsifier so that it can be almost water-soluble.  You may combine CBD isolate powder with water or perhaps even hot liquids or drinks like tea, and the majority of it will dissolve correctly, providing you with the advantages of CBD.

CBD, in general, is not a substance that mixes in water. By design; it is “lipophilic,” implying it dissolves in oil. This is due to the fact that the CBD molecule is an oil, and as you might know, oils do not dissolve in water.

Owing to the CBD molecules’ hydrophobicity, while it may not dissolve to 100 percent, the CBD isolate powder should be safe to ingest when blended with a drink. Simply mix, stir or blend the CBD isolate powder in a glass or blender to make smoothies, juice or tea. CBD isolate mixes especially well with hot beverages.

If you want to know about how other CBD isolates mix with water, you can find more information here.

Can you cook with CBD isolate powder?

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that most of the dishes that you already cook at home can be readily infused with CBD, from CBD-infused milkshakes and smoothies to CBD sauces and dressings.

Because the CBD molecule is an oil, it mixes best with other foods that have healthy oils in them. For that reason, CBD mixes especially well with:

  • Salad dressing
  • Smoothies
  • Cookies, cakes, or any other baked goods with butter
  • Sauces 
  • Italian dishes like pizza or pasta
  • Guacamole

Just note that when cooking with CBD, you should avoid exposing it to direct heat as that can cause the compound to break down. For example, you could cook some buttery noodles, remove them from the heat and let them cool down a bit, then mix in your CBD isolate.

Click here to see some of our favorite recipes when it comes to cooking with CBD isolate!

  • Can CBD isolate be boiled?

At too high of a temperature, your CBD will state to break down. So it can be boiled, but with a specific method. 

CBD isolate can be boiled using the double boiling method. The double boiling method is a  procedure that uses controlled heat to melt or mix ingredients like chocolate and MCT oil. The main principle behind the double boiling technique is to have a mild heat that works slowly.

The double boiling method is a quick and inexpensive approach to cook with CBD isolate. You can do this at home with your own double boiler in just a few easy steps!

  • You’ll need two boiling pots – one large and one small.

  • Put water in the larger pot and you can use the smaller one for ingredients.

  • Fill the large pot with water and put the smaller pot inside the larger one. However, make sure the smaller pot is placed just above the water of the larger pot.

  • The boiling water of the larger pot must not come in contact with the smaller pot, it is merely creating hot for the ingredients in the smaller pot.

  • Once the boiling water cools down and starts to simmer, you can place your ingredients in the smaller pot and start to cook!

With this method, your CBD will not be exposed to direct heat, but it can still be combined with other properly cooked ingredients.

  • How do you dilute CBD isolate powder?

When it comes to CBD isolate powder, it can be diluted with water and will almost completely dissolve, although not 100 percent. This is because compounds from cannabis prefer to be mixed with fatty substances instead of water! This is referred to as ‘hydrophobicity’.

So if you want to dilute CBD Isolate powder to use it in a larger recipe, your best bet will be dissolving it in oil instead of in water. 

You can do that by using the “double boiling” method of putting water in a pot, then putting the desired amount of oil in a smaller vessel and placing the whole vessel with the oil inside the boiling water. With this method, the oil will warm up, but it won’t be so hot that it breaks down the CBD. 

Once the oil is warm, you can mix in the desired amount of CBD isolate powder and stir, and it will dissolve, and thus you have a diluted CBD isolate powder.

Can you use CBD isolate powder sublingually?

Yes, you can consume isolate powder sublingually. Put the CBD powder right beneath your tongue and keep it there for approximately 60 to 90 seconds to consume CBD isolate sublingually. This is a simple, effective way to consume CBD powder and has become one of the most popular methods to do so.

Best way to use CBD isolate powder

This is a personal choice that will be different for everyone depending on their personal needs. There are a number of ways CBD isolate powder can be used:

  • Place it under your tongue – This works best for people who want a quick and effective way to consume CBD isolate powder. Simply place it under your tongue and let it dissolve.

  • Apply it on your skin – If you want to apply CBD isolate powder directly to a certain pain, such as a muscle ache, you can mix CBD isolate powder in any amount you wish with a gream or gel then apply it and feel a numbing skincare effect.

  • Use CBD isolate powder capsules – If you need to carry your CBD isolate powder with you on the go or would like to store them in bulk, capsules are the way to go. Simply store your desired dosage in empty capsules and swallow them like pills when you’re out and about – it’s quick and easy!

  • Mix it with your drinks – CBD isolate powder has no color, taste, or odor and is almost 100 percent dissolvable in water and other liquids. This makes it a perfect addition to your favorite drinks.

  • Use it while cooking – You can mix CBD isolate powder with your existing food recipes or use the double boiling method to cook the perfect CBD isolate powder-infused meals.

I prefer to use it sublingually or put it on my gums because it’s quick, efficient, and flavorless.

A bottle of CBD isolate powder laying on its side with some pouring out and a chalkboard with the CBD molecule drawn on it.

How much CBD powder can you take?

The general starting dose for CBD isolate powder is 25 milligrams. However, depending on your illness, this could range anywhere from 25 milligrams all the way up to 800 milligrams in more severe cases.

CBD isolate powder ultimately affects people in different ways. There’s really no such thing as a perfect dosage of CBD. Many different individuals have their own uses for different situations and needs. It’s best to consult a certified health practitioner before consuming CBD isolate powder.

How much CBD isolate powder do I use? Dosage Guide:

If you’re solely using CBD, experts suggest starting with 25 milligrams. From there, you can always move up or down, depending on the condition you have.

However, Forbes put together a useful table that shows CBD doses that have been professionally evaluated and are based on various illnesses and situations. It should be noted that a few of the doses analyzed included THC – not all existing dose study focuses only on CBD.

If you want an in-depth dosage guide on how to calculate exactly how much you should take, Forbes also has an excellent calculator that allows wiggle room depending on your needs.

How to measure CBD isolate powder without a scale

You can measure CBD isolate powder at home with a teaspoon or a dropper. If you’re starting out with consuming CBD at about 25 milligrams, you’ll want to consume around 1/10th of a teaspoon or about 1/4th of a teaspoon if you’re taking higher doses of around 600 milligrams. 

Since these are tiny amounts that are difficult to measure, we recommend buying a scale or micro scoops if you want to be very particular about measuring your doses.

You can buy micro scoops online (here) to correctly measure CBD isolate powder dosages without using a scale.


CBD isolate powder is ideal for those who want to experiment with CBD without worrying about the intoxicating components that THC has. It has become one of the most effective and convenient ways to consume CBD in its purest form.

Due to its versatility, CBD isolate powder can be incorporated into anybody’s lifestyle in a number of different ways – it can be applied on one’s skin, used sublingually, put in capsules for consumption, added to hemp flower, and even be used in all your favorite recipes. Since CBD isolate powder is almost completely dissolvable in water, it can be added to your favorite drinks as well, however, we should note that it will dissolve better in foods or drinks that have some oily component since CBD is an oil-based substance, even CBD isolate.

CBD isolate powder is a well-tolerated compound that can be dabbed or mixed into a bowl or a joint and smoked. It can even be mixed with a strong CBD strain to experience the entourage effect or combine with THC to create a more calm or sleepy high with less anxiety.

CBD isolate powder helps relieve a number of conditions like anxiety, inflammation, and nausea, with the starting dose being 25 milligrams, going all the way up to 800 milligrams.

When purchasing CBD isolate powder, always look for credible companies and sellers and be sure to read the label to make sure your CBD isolate powder is devoid of THC and other chemicals and compounds for the best CBD isolate experience.

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