Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks Review

Three Plain Jane moon rocks sitting next to the 8th jar and box.

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Figuring out what type of flower is right for you can be tricky. Without actually trying it, it takes good, in-depth reviews like this one to really showcase what type of product you are getting, what you can expect from it, and how it compares in price and value.

Plain Jane Company Overview

Plain Jane was founded with one goal in mind, to make CBD hemp flower products more accessible and affordable. Their goal is simple, to get you the best CBD flower at the best possible price.

They offer a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse strains to choose from, all sourced from small family farms located throughout Southern Oregon.

The menu consists of a variety of different products including CBD flower, CBG flower, CBD cigarettes, CBD joints, and more.

Despite finding humble beginnings in Southern Oregon, Plain Jane has grown far and wide. To date, they’ve served more than 75,000 customers scattered throughout the United States and have built up quite the reputation for themselves in the CBD industry.

Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks at a Glance

Plain Jane CBD moon rocks are a premium mixture of CBD hemp flowers, covered in THC-free CBD concentrate, and rolled in hemp kief. They are available in 3.5 or 7 gram jars with bulk options offered as well.

The packaging is quite compelling. The box that it comes in is wrapped in a cool galaxy graphic with a moon on the bottom right corner and the words “out of this world” written on the side.

When opened you’ll find a dark blue glass jar that prevents UV light from penetrating and degrading the cannabinoids and terpenes. The lid is made out of black plastic and is sealed with a layer of plastic wrap to ensure nothing gets in or out after packaging.

After breaking the seal and twisting the top off you’ll find another white plastic covering as extra protection. Be careful when handling the moonrocks, they’re much more delicate than your average CBD flower!

Once you get them out of the jar you’ll see why they’re called moon rocks. These “other worldly” nugs look like no other product on the market.

When breaking them open the first thing I noticed is you can clearly see that Plain Jane uses high quality CBD flower because it’s completely covered in sugary trichomes. (For those that are new to CBD, the trichomes are the small bristles that protrude from the base of the flower.) The layer of concentrate is very fine but still enough to coat the nugs and act as a magnet for the kief. Not gonna lie, after doing this initial overview I was very excited to see how they smoked!

Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks Quality

According to Plain Jane, the process of creating CBD moon rocks is as follows: “First, we select top quality hemp buds for the base. Then, we coat the flower in THC free concentrate to create the sticky binding to roll in our kief shake.”

The end results are top-shelf, CBD moon rocks with around 45% CBD!

After each new batch is created a sample is sent to a third party lab testing facility called EVIO Labs to ensure it complies with federal law and is free of all molds, pests, pesticides, and unwanted chemicals.

One of the things that stood out to me is that they use high quality flower as the base, which is crucial for creating a smooth enjoyable experience.

Because moon rocks are covered in concentrate and kief, most companies use low grade outdoor flower as the base to increase profits. This is one of my biggest pet peeves because you have no idea what’s inside those nugs until you make the purchase and crack one open.

However, the buds Plain Jane uses are fresh, completely covered in trichomes, and look absolutely delicious! You can see photographic examples above.

Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks Smoke Profile

Before I get into the smoke profile some of you may be wondering: How do you smoke Moon Rocks?

Like any other nugs, moon rocks can be smoked in a joint, bowl, pipe or bong. Generally, it’s easier to use the latter two, due to their dense and greasy nature.

For this review, I used a bong because moon rocks tend to be a bit harsher on the throat/lungs and the water in the bong helps to make it a little smoother.

Upon inhaling I could feel the heaviness in my chest which can be attributed to the high potency. You’re inhaling flower, concentrate, and kief so keep that in mind before packing a bowl. A little bit goes a long way!

When exhaling I was immediately hit with that top-shelf grassy flavor that every cannabis enthusiast loves and there was a small amount of chest irritation that followed. Not enough to make me cough, but enough to make me reach for a glass of water.

I was extremely excited to give these a try after cracking open a nug for photos, and I have to say that they didn’t disappoint!

Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks Price vs Value

Your average eighth of high quality CBD flower typically fall between $20-$45. When taking this into account you really get a perspective of how competitively Plain Janes CBD moon rocks are priced.

Because they use top shelf flower as the base, you’re pretty much getting the concentrate and kief for free as an added bonus. Seeing that they have 2-4 times the CBD content as most high quality CBD flower strains, moon rocks are one of the best values you’ll find for your money.



Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks – 3.5 grams

$19.99  ($5.71 per gram)

Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks – 7 grams

$37.99 ($5.43 per gram)

Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks – Carton of 10 (7gram jars)

$325.00 ($4.64 per gram)

Plain Jane Company Reputation

Plain Jane has built up a strong following by sticking to their values of regenerative farming and sustainable growing practices coupled with incredible customer service.

They’ve created a strong brand presence with over 130,000 Instagram followers and have compiled over 7,000 positive reviews across their product line.

In this day and age, social proof is everything, and the numbers don’t lie. A quick look at their social media and product reviews will give you insight into why they’ve become a leader in the industry.

By focusing on providing high quality products at affordable prices, they’ve created a massive menu that has something for everyone no matter your budget.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these CBD moon rocks are truly out of this world. The price is unbeatable, the quality is as good as it gets, and they smoke incredibly well.

The one thing I will say is that they aren’t for everyone. The CBD content is insanely high and although they don’t produce a psychoactive effect per say, you’ll definitely notice the effects. 

After just one hit I felt my eyelids get heavy and my stress and anxiety just melted away. After the second hit I became a bit drowsy and my body was so relaxed it felt like I was on cloud nine.

I wouldn’t recommend these if you’re new to cannabis and CBD, but if you’re looking for maximum relief moon rocks are extremely potent and are sure to get the job done.

After a thorough review I fully stand behind this product and highly recommend you give Plain Jane moon rocks a try. 

Check out our FAQ section below for further insight and drop us a comment if you have a specific question that you’d like me to address. For additional information, find out more about all the reputable CBD companies we have reviewed and compiled in our directory.

Plain Jane CBD Moon Rocks


Score 5/5

Review Breakdown



✔️45% CBD

✔️True Full-Spectrum

✔️One of the Most Potent Ways to Consume CBD

✔️Perfect Option for Anyone In Need of Maximum Relief

✔️Much More Affordable Than Most Other High CBD Options

✖️Extremely Potent – Not Recommended for the Average User



Price vs Value


Company Reputation

The front of the Plain Jane moon rocks box displaying the Moon Rocks logo..

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are CBD moon rocks psychoactive?

In short, CBD moon rocks will not cause a psychoactive response. Because of their name and their reputation of being “other worldly”, some people misinterpret moon rocks to cause psychoactive side effects. However, CBD moon rocks do not traditionally have enough THC to cause a psychoactive response. At most, smokable CBD products will only contain up to 0.3% THC, which is not enough to cause the delusions, hyper awareness, or uncontrollable anxiety that THC can sometimes ignite.

What are CBD moon rocks used for?

CBD moon rocks are used for a range of things such as pain relief, reducing inflammation, decreasing anxiety, sleep deprivation or insomnia, and can even act as a mood booster. Because CBD moon rocks usually contain trace amounts of THC, they can be a good choice for anyone who wants the physical and mental relief that weed might allow, but without the negative side effects that THC can cause.

How should you use CBD moon rocks?

CBD moon rocks are best used with a pipe or a bong in order to sustain the potency and help decrease the dryness that CBD moon rocks might cause when smoked out of a joint, for example. Likewise, smoking it is usually preferred to eating it. Smoking CBD moon rocks will also help you get the quickest and most full body relief, rather than ingesting it via edibles.

What are the side effects of CBD moon rocks?

Typical side effects of CBD moon rocks can include (but are not limited to), drowsiness, lowered inhibitions, and less awareness of pain. Usually, these are desired side effects in order to diminish stress and anxiety. Occasionally, CBD moon rocks might cause nausea, irritability, headaches, or vomiting, but these negative side effects are less common with CBD moon rocks across the board. If you notice yourself having an adverse response to CBD moon rocks, do not continue to smoke that particular product. While they are not particularly harmful or dangerous, it’s important to use CBD moon rocks responsibly, especially given their potency.

Can you drink alcohol when smoking CBD moon rocks?

Generally speaking, it is not recommended that you combine alcohol with CBD moon rocks. The drug interactions will increase drowsiness and lower inhibitions to a degree that you might not be in control of your behaviors or actions. When this occurs, you do put yourself in a more dangerous position, even if the CBD moon rocks are not the particular cause of the danger.

Should beginners try CBD moon rocks?

If you are new to CBD, moon rocks might be a bit too overwhelming to start with. They are often potent enough to seem intense for the untrained body, and can sometimes be categorized as full spectrum – meaning they contain more components of the cannabis plant than broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate products.

Josh Murdoch

Josh Murdoch

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and although it is incurable, CBD and THC have been allowing me to live my life as a healthy adult now for years. For that reason, I’ve dedicated my career to spreading the good news about cannabinoids. Currently, I work for a vertically integrated cannabis company called Unrivaled Brands that operates in California, Oregon, and Nevada. Previously, I worked on two cannabis farms in northern California, one of which was located in the famous Humboldt County. I’ve also managed a medical cannabis delivery service in Marin County, California. I created CBD Facilitator to share what I’ve learned, and to recommend the best products that I have found in this chaotic market.

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Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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Our Mission

Our goal is to educate you on all things CBD, enabling you to navigate this vast unregulated industry like a pro. We know all too well how overwhelming it can be to find trustworthy brands in this crowded market, so we’re here to help!

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