My Dog Ate CBD Gummies: What Should I do?

Cute dog laying in bed under the covers looking sick.

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Dogs get into things they shouldn’t; it’s an inevitable truth that comes with pet ownership. When pets eat CBD gummies, though, things can get complicated.

If your dog eats CBD gummies meant for human consumption, contact your vet as soon as possible. Don’t induce vomiting or give your dog any medication or alternative substance without instruction. CBD itself is not toxic for dogs, but other ingredients in gummies may be.

In most cases, reacting quickly can help you avoid any serious complications, but it’s always best to reach out to a professional for specific treatment steps. Depending on the ingredients found in your gummies, your dog might experience mild effects like nausea and diarrhea, or they might require further care to help eliminate toxins from their system.

What happens if a dog eats CBD gummies?

Dogs who eat CBD gummies meant for humans might experience negative side effects like vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. 

Dogs who consume CBD treats or other products designed for pets, on the other hand, can actually reap many of the benefits of CBD humans seek out.

CBD gummies created for human consumption have not been formulated to be friendly for a dog’s stomach or digestive system in general. They tend to contain ingredients that are irritating or even toxic. 

CBD itself is not harmful for dogs, though, which means that products containing CBD that are meant for pets are unlikely to cause these adverse effects. 

When ingested safely, CBD can help dogs calm down both physically and mentally. It can help with anxiety too, which makes it great for situations that tend to stress dogs out (like thunderstorms, being separated from owners, etc.).

Can CBD kill a dog?

CBD cannot kill a dog. Current research demonstrates that there is no way to overdose on CBD – this truth applies to both humans and our furry friends. 

An overdose occurs when a user consumes an excessively high amount of a substance. Overdoses are usually accompanied by physical and mental consequences, including vomiting, unconsciousness, increased heart rate, and in severe situations, even death. CBD can reach “toxic” levels and cause sickness, but it cannot cause death, and even reaching toxic levels is very difficult. 

Fortunately, overdosing isn’t a concern you have to worry about when it comes to CBD. Even large doses of CBD won’t cause serious harm to your dog, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be very cautious with how much you do give your dog and how often.

High doses of CBD can cause unpleasant, albeit temporary, side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Though it won’t cause death, too much CBD can certainly make your dog uncomfortable.

When used properly, CBD can actually be a great tool for helping your dog feel safe, calm, and free of anxiety. Many pet-friendly product options are available – from CBD oil for pets to CBD-infused treats – and are safe to use.

A Siberian Husky laying on the grass licking CBD from an eyedropper.

Are gummy bears bad for dogs?

Gummy bears and other gummies can be bad for dogs, but it depends on the ingredients. 

Some ingredients commonly found in gummies that are harmless to humans can be harmful (or even deadly) to dogs. Examples include:

  • Xylitol. This sugar alcohol is found naturally in many plants and is frequently used to sweeten candy, nut butters, baked goods, and even toothpastes. Xylitol can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar for dogs and lead to liver damage or death.
  • Chocolate. Chocolate contains ingredients that are very hard for dogs to metabolize. As a result, vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration often occur after consumption. Severe cases can cause heart attacks, seizures, and eventually death.
  • Grapes, raisins, and grape flavoring. Though researchers aren’t fully sure what within grapes causes harm to dogs, it’s undoubtedly true that grapes can be toxic. Grapes can cause kidney failure quickly and easily for dogs, even in small amounts.
  • Coffee, tea, soda, and other caffeinated beverages. Just like humans, dogs experience energizing effects from caffeine, including increased heart rate, agitation, and restlessness. Too much caffeine can cause heart or lung issues, and “too much” for dogs is often much, much smaller than “too much” for humans, meaning it’s easier than you might think to cause serious harm.

If your gummies contain any of the ingredients listed above, you should do your best to keep them far away from your dog at all times. 

Even gummies without toxic ingredients can be irritating to dogs. High amounts of sugar and artificial coloring or flavoring means that gummies might cause vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, or other unpleasant effects.

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How long does CBD stay in dog's system?

CBD generally stays in a dog’s system for about 2-4 days, but this length can vary based on outside factors.

Things like diet, weight, and how much or how frequently CBD is consumed can all impact how long CBD lingers in your dog’s system. Dogs who ingest CBD on a regular basis, for instance, may still have CBD in their system for up to a week.

Though CBD may stick around in your dog’s system for days, it won’t cause effects for that long. Depending on the product, CBD may actively impact your dog for about 8-12 hours maximum.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Your CBD Gummies

If your dog eats your CBD gummies, the first thing you should do is remove the gummies from the area. Store them somewhere safe that your dog can’t get into in the future.

Acting quickly once you realize what’s going on can help you and your dog avoid unpleasant side effects or serious health concerns. Take action sooner rather than later, even if your dog has eaten only a few gummies.

Follow this procedure to ensure your dog is healthy and safe: 

  • Determine if your dog has consumed anything toxic. Remember that CBD on its own is not toxic to dogs, but other ingredients in your gummies might be. Be sure to check your gummies’ ingredient list to look out for the presence of any toxins (listed above) so you can report them to your vet. If you’re able to tell, also take note of how many gummies your dog has consumed.
  • If your dog has consumed a toxin, move them to a safe location and call your vet as soon as possible. Try not to panic if you discover your dog has indeed consumed something potentially harmful. Move your dog away from the area and to a safe space where they can rest (and can’t eat anything else). Time is of the essence here – contact your vet (or an emergency animal hospital line, if necessary), inform them of the situation, and wait for further instruction. 
  • If your dog hasn’t consumed anything toxic, alert your vet anyway. Even if there are no toxic ingredients in your gummies, it’s best to contact your vet anyway. Gummies may still be irritating to your dog’s system, especially if they ate a large amount, and further action may still be recommended. 
  • Don’t induce vomiting unless instructed. It may be tempting to try to induce vomiting as soon as you realize your dog may have consumed toxins, but it’s actually best to wait for vet instruction. Sometimes vomiting is unnecessary or may worsen the situation.
  • Stay with your dog and monitor their behavior. Throughout this process, try not to leave your dog alone. Look out for anything unusual like drowsiness, irritability, or needing to use the bathroom frequently and pass the information on to your vet as needed.

Follow your vet’s instructions regarding further treatment steps. You may or may not have to bring your dog in for screening and treatment, depending on the severity of the situation. Stick to what your vet recommends no matter what.

Final Thoughts

Not all CBD products are created equal, especially when comparing pet-friendly CBD options to those meant for human consumption.

Because our furry friends can’t consume the same types of ingredients humans can, it’s best to keep your CBD gummies – even if they seem safe – out of your dog’s system and reach. Though CBD on its own won’t cause harm, other components of your gummies might.

If your dog does ingest CBD gummies, do your best to react quickly and get in contact with a vet to discuss specifics. Unless toxins are present, it’s unlikely that any serious harm will befall your dog, but it’s still best to err on the side of caution.

If incorporating CBD into your dog’s routine is your goal, avoid the temptation to use products you already own for yourself. It’s worthwhile to invest in pet-friendly products to minimize the risk of irritation or serious complications.

CBD oil, CBD treats, and other CBD products for pets can do a lot to make man’s best friend’s life easier, less stressful, and full of joy. 

If you have a hyper dog, an anxious dog, a senior dog, or simply want to try out CBD for your pet, be sure to check out our directory of CBD products for pets for recommendations, reviews, and more.

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