Can CBD Gummies Be Mailed? – USPS, UPS, & FedEx Policies

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Let’s face it: laws surrounding CBD aren’t nearly as clear as they should be, including legislation about sending products like CBD gummies in the mail.

In most cases, mailing CBD gummies within the same state or across state lines is allowed, though it does depend on which mail service provider you decide to use. Mailing gummies internationally, though, or to states with limitations on marketing CBD as food can become problematic.

Within the past few years alone, many states have come under fire for attempts to limit CBD products or what types are allowed to be sold legally, and many more have adjusted their laws regarding hemp sale in general. Understanding when and where CBD tends to be illegal can help you avoid a lot of headaches, but it’s also important to take things on a case-by-case basis.

Can You Send CBD Gummies Through the Mail?

In most cases, you can indeed send CBD gummies through the mail, though it depends on the mailing service you’ll be using and where you’re sending them. 

Because hemp and CBD products are federally legal in the United States, so too is purchasing and shipping these products across state lines. 

When purchasing CBD gummies online, you shouldn’t have to worry about mailing – CBD sellers who do ship products can only do so through services that allow these products, and many handle shipping at least partially on their own.

If you’re looking to send gummies yourself, though, things can get a bit more tricky. Even after sending your gummies, it’s a good idea to keep ahold of any material that verifies the contents of your package (the container your gummies came in, for instance, or your product’s certificate of analysis).

This way, should any inquiry befall your package or its contents, you have all you need to verify that you’re shipping products that are legal. CBD products, including gummies, can be visually indistinguishable from THC or marijuana products (which are illegal federally), so it’s important to remember that you should always be able to prove what you have is allowed.

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Mailing Policies

Here in the United States, there are three major mailing services to be familiar with, and each has slightly different language regarding its stance on cannabis products (including CBD).

Be sure to refresh yourself on these policies anytime you’re looking to ship CBD products, and as discussed above, be sure you keep any documentation you might need.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

The USPS does allow hemp products and CBD products to be shipped so long as the products comply with legal limits and restrictions, namely those that limit how much THC can be in a product.

Mailers are not required to provide the USPS with documentation proving the legitimacy of their products prior to shipping. Still, these resources should be available to the mailer if necessary.

In the past, mailing hemp and CBD through the USPS was fairly limited. Luckily, the 2018 Farm Bill made significant strides toward clearer language about who can produce, sell, and own hemp. 

These more detailed policies have led many organizations, including the USPS, to begin allowing these products to enter the mailing system.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

The UPS accepts products derived from hemp, not marijuana, so long as they comply with state and federal laws. That means that gummies that fall below the legal limit for THC (0.3% or less by weight) shouldn’t pose any sort of issues for shipping.

As is the case for the USPS, mailers looking to ship CBD gummies or other products through the UPS are responsible for keeping track of any information that’s needed to prove the legality of their product.

Additionally, the UPS takes a strict stance against accepting hemp or CBD products from locations that sell marijuana. Even if these CBD products comply with legal restrictions, the UPS will not pick them up or ship them out. 

Likewise, CBD products that come from marijuana plants rather than hemp plants aren’t allowed, even if these products are low in THC. 

Stick to hemp and only hemp, and you should be just fine.


FedEx is one of the few major mailing services that flat-out prohibits the shipment of hemp and CBD products. Even CBD products that are legal to purchase commercially apply.

The company’s policies ban both marijuana products and products containing CBD, even if the latter is legally purchased. Those who do choose to try to use FedEx to ship CBD products may be subject to both monetary and legal trouble. 

Whether or not FedEx will update its policy on CBD to match other major mailing services is currently unclear. For the time being, though, try to stick to those listed above.

Can CBD Gummies Be Shipped Across State Lines?

In the vast majority of cases, it’s legal to ship CBD gummies (and other CBD products, for that matter) across state lines. However, some states limit what sorts of CBD products are allowed to be sold and consumed, so it’s always a good idea to check in with your area’s specific legislation.

Most states revert directly to federal guidelines for CBD products, meaning that if it’s legal on the federal level and based on federal regulations, it’s legal within the state, too.

Some states, though, have enforced stricter language regarding what types of products are allowed and what levels of THC may be present, if any at all. 

They may disallow manufacturers from labelling CBD products as food, for instance, which can be problematic when working with edible products like gummies.

To summarize, it’s usually safe to ship CBD gummies across state lines, mainly because hemp-derived CBD is legal at the federal level. As long as you comply with your mailing service’s rules about shipping, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Still, in the case of edibles like gummies, it’s a good idea to look into laws for both your state and the state you’re shipping to so you can familiarize yourself with any relevant restrictions.

Because state laws are always changing and evolving, staying informed often falls into the hands of CBD consumers and users.

Can You Ship CBD Gummies Internationally?

Shipping CBD gummies internationally may be possible in some cases, but for the most part, it’s something to steer clear of. Most other countries don’t allow cannabis products to be sold commercially, not even hemp-derived CBD products, and these laws apply to products coming into the area, too.

Some nations have more lenient stances when it comes to the world of CBD, but many still have quite a ways to go. If you’re really curious or committed to the idea of shipping your product, you’ll need to get an idea of what the laws are like at your destination.

Even if CBD is legal at your destination, you may run into issues working with international mailing services, many of whom don’t allow these sorts of products to be sent.

As disappointing as it may be, the reality is that it’s currently pretty difficult to do much of anything with CBD products across international borders.

But if you decide to take the risk and ship internationally, it’s best to avoid full spectrum gummies entirely, because typically THC is regulated far more closely than CBD.

For example, most European countries have a legal THC limit of 0.2%, whereas in the US that limit is 0.3%. So, if you buy full spectrum CBD gummies in the US then ship them to Europe, you run into issues for importing a controlled substance, even though that substance was perfectly legal where you bought it. Stick to broad-spectrum or CBD isolate gummies to avoid THC altogether and minimize potential problems with law enforcement.

Is it Legal to Order CBD Gummies Online?

Yes, it is legal to order CBD gummies online as long as the area you live in allows the purchase and use of CBD products

If you live in the United States, federal law allows you to purchase the products on the internet. State laws may limit what options are available to you, but hemp-derived products shouldn’t pose any problems for you.

The web is actually one of the easiest ways to find products that work for you and fit your budget, so don’t be afraid to peruse all there is to offer!

Where to Buy CBD Gummies Online

You can purchase CBD gummies directly from brand or seller websites or through third-party sellers, but the former is usually better. Buying directly from a seller helps ensure you get the best price possible and receive the genuine, high-quality products you want.

Our personal favorite option for CBD gummies is CBDistillery. The brand’s gummies combine flavor with efficacy and deliver surprisingly strong effects without overwhelming the user.

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Final Thoughts

The world of CBD products is constantly changing and growing, and so too is legislation surrounding how and where these products can be sold. 

For the time being, it’s relatively easy and safe to mail CBD gummies across state lines or within a state, but international shipping is still off the table in most cases.

If you do decide to ship products, whether for personal or commercial reasons, it’s crucial that you remember to keep any documentation or proof of purchase you may have for your product.

Should anyone question the contents of your package or the legality of your product, having this documentation will come in handy. It can be virtually impossible to distinguish between legal hemp or CBD products and illegal marijuana products, so it’s up to you as the mailer to have what you need to back yourself up.

Whether you’re buying or selling, gifting or receiving, or just want to know more about CBD, our directory is an amazing resource to fall back on. 

We’ve put all of the information and details you need to choose high-quality gummies all in one place – no more spending hours browsing options or wasting money on mediocre products!

Finding what you need for a price that works shouldn’t be a struggle.  Now, it doesn’t have to be.

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