What Is the Average Price Per Milligram for CBD Gummies?

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Understanding the average price of CBD gummies can help you choose a product that simultaneously falls in line with your expectations and health concerns.

The average price per milligram for CBD gummies usually falls around $0.03 to about $0.08, at least as of 2021. This cost is impacted by a variety of factors, but most reasonably priced CBD gummy products fall somewhere in this range.

Things that might affect how much you pay include company size, potency, quality of ingredients, and more. There’s a lot to consider when making a purchase, but breaking it down can make things less overwhelming.

How Much Are CBD Gummies on Average?

On average, CBD gummies are priced at around $0.03 to $0.08 per milligram of CBD. Exactly how much this adds up to depends on how strong the gummies you’re purchasing are and how many are being sold in a package.

Gummies are a bit challenging to come up with a price for because, unlike other CBD products out there, they’re not simply packaged plant material or just CBD. 

Gummies must be made and then CBD incorporated into them, so there may be costs associated with things other than CBD itself to consider.

The Breakdown - How to Compare Prices

Based on the average price per milligram of CBD ($.03-.08), we can come up with a hypothetical price to expect.

For instance, say you’re looking to purchase a 50 count bottle of gummies with a potency level of 25 mg per dose.

That means that there are 50 individual 25 mg gummies in your bottle.

Assuming that the price breakdown of the CBD itself falls somewhere in the middle of the industry average ($.05/mg), you can get a better idea of what to pay:

  • 50 gummies x 25 mg per gummy = 1,250 mg of CBD in total
  • 1,250 mg of CBD x $.05 per mg = $62.50

So, in this example, you can expect to pay $62.50, at least for the CBD itself in your gummies. You may end up paying a few dollars more than this estimate to account for things like packaging, additional ingredients, distribution, and more.

You can repeat this process with any sort of CBD gummy product you’re considering to see if prices align with what you expect. Being able to determine how much you’re paying for CBD and how much you’re paying for other things can help you decide which gummies are most worth your money.

For instance, gummies from a company like Industrial Hemp Farms may fall on the lower end of our price estimate range; the fact that the hemp used in these gummies is so abundant and affordable means that the overall final product can be, too.

A 50 ct package of 10 mg gummies from Industrial Hemp Farms will cost you around $0.40 per gummy. Knowing that we’re expecting around $0.03-$0.05 per milligram of CBD to fall on the affordable end of things makes it clear that you’re really getting a deal; 10 mg of CBD brings you to around $0.30-$0.50 per gummy, which this example accomplishes.

On the flipside, a seller that focuses more on quality and user experience rather than affordability, like CBDistillery does, might offer products that cost a bit more but deliver better results.

For comparison, CBDistillery averages at around $0.90 per 30 mg gummy. That means that you’re paying a bit more for each individual dose you take, but the strength of the product means that you’re still paying around the same amount per individual milligram of CBD.

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Factors That Affect the Price

Of course, there are things beyond a seller or consumer’s control that impact just how much a CBD gummy will cost. Aside from CBD itself, there are factors that may cause a seller to charge more or less than what you expect for a product.

Size of Operation

The more resources a seller has to grow, cure, distribute, and produce CBD and its products, the easier it is for them to offer said products at a lower price. 

Likewise, larger operations often control more of the CBD production process than just creating products and selling them; they may grow their own hemp, for instance, instead of purchasing it and then transforming it for sale.

This means that it costs less to make products. Brands, therefore, can sell their gummies at a lower price without sacrificing their profit margin or ability to make up for any cost associated with production.

If you’re looking to get the cheapest prices out there, you’ll likely find that turning to larger-scale companies is your best bet.

Raw Material

The actual plant material that contains the CBD used in your product matters. It might seem strange, especially since gummies are so far removed from the plants they start off as, but the quality of the flower or biomass used in production can make a huge difference.

Flower that’s grown outdoors, for instance, might experience a lot of degradation due to exposure to the elements. Even if the flower still contains enough CBD to create a product, it’s inherently lost a lot of what creates a full and well-rounded experience for a user.


The stronger the product, the more you can expect to pay. This makes sense when you think about it: what you’re really paying for when you buy gummies is the CBD itself, so more CBD per gummy means that you’re buying a larger quantity of the substance.

Quality of Ingredients

Aside from the CBD that’s incorporated into your gummies, the quality of other additives is important. 

If you purchase from a seller that uses all-natural ingredients and avoids cheap ingredients, you can expect to pay a higher price for your gummies.

What To Avoid When Purchasing

Not all CBD gummies are made equal, so it’s important to know what to look out for when making a purchase to ensure you don’t waste your time or your money. 

Because CBD gummies aren’t regulated by the FDA, it’s up to consumers to decide whether a product is worth it.

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Medical Claims

Steer clear of any CBD product, gummy or otherwise, that makes claims that are not substantiated by evidence. This includes claims about mental or physical health – CBD gummies are supplements, so they can’t claim to absolutely treat any medical condition.

Products that attempt to market themselves in this way are doing users a disservice. Though CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits and is often used as a medication in some way, it’s not approved to do so and should always be used mindfully.

If a brand is attempting to sell products by making medical claims, it’s likely not a brand you’ll want to support.

Is the Source Transparent?

If the source you’re buying your gummies from doesn’t provide a certificate of analysis (COA) to clearly show what’s in your product, you should disqualify them as an option.

A COA is vital because it’s the only thing consumers really have to fully break down the contents of their product. Think of it like the nutrition label on foods – without it, there’s no way for a consumer to truly know what they’re putting in their bodies.

Where To Find Quality CBD Gummies At A Good Price

The best place to find quality CBD gummies at a price that works for you is likely via the web; this way, you can access a wide variety of options regardless of who you are or where you live.

Our personal recommendation comes from CBDistillery.


CBDistillery offers gummies of all sorts at a price range that’s reasonable, making the company a great choice for just about anyone looking to try out CBD edibles.

The brand offers gummies that fall into each of the following categories:

  • Full-Spectrum: These products contain a full profile of terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids to produce a strong and well-rounded experience.

  • Broad-Spectrum: Gummies in this category offer some of the benefits of full-spectrum products without exposing you to trace amounts of THC.

  • CBD Isolate: If you’re looking to completely avoid THC or anything other than CBD itself, these are the way to go.

  • Sleep (CBD + Melatonin): CBD is already known to be great for promoting restful sleep, but combining it with melatonin is a wonderful way to tackle insomnia head-on while also managing anxiety.

Want to know more about CBDistillery, how their gummies perform, or which choice might be best for you? Check out our review on the brand!

Regardless of whether you end up choosing CBDistillery or another company and product type altogether, be sure your money is going toward sources you trust. For more information about how to do so, visit our directory, which is full of all the answers you’ll need to make a sound decision.

Josh Murdoch

Josh Murdoch

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